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Campus-wide mailings

Several lists have been created to facilitate campus-wide mailings to specific University constituencies. Since these lists reach all individuals within these constituencies, central administrative offices determine when these lists may be used.

Available lists include:

  • STAFF (exclusive of faculty and student employees)
  • ALL-EMAIL (Combined Faculty, Student, and Staff) to reach the entire University community.


Approval is granted by the University Communications Office (for the full population), the Office of the Provost (for faculty and student mailings), or Human Resources (for staff and business administrator mailings). This is to keep the number of mailings at a reasonable level and the content applicable to the general population since individuals cannot opt out of receiving these messages.

Requests to send to any of these lists should include the following:

  • the full text of the message (see Message Format below)
  • which list(s) you would like to target
  • when you would like the message sent
  • your contact information

Requests should be sent to:

  • All campus - Faculty, Staff, and Students or Faculty and Staff - University Communications Office (notifyall@pobox)
  • Faculty only - Office of the Provost (notifyfaculty@pobox)
  • Students only- Office of the Provost (notifystudents@pobox)
  • Staff only - Human Resources (notifystaff@pobox)

Please submit the request five (5) business days before the requested delivery date to allow time for approvals.

Population of the lists

The campus-wide lists are refreshed automatically on a daily basis (approximately 2:00 AM each weekday), with current e-mail addresses from the central Data Warehouse. As a result, the lists are as current as the information listed in the central University sources. Individuals can use the on-line directory update page to add or change their mailing address in the warehouse.

Individuals cannot opt out of the "All-" lists.

Message Format

These messages are sent to a diverse population of mail servers, clients, and readers. The following guidelines are used for message composition:

  • messages should refer recipients to a web site for more information when appropriate
  • messages should include a point of contact (e-mail address) within the text of the message should the recipient have a question about the content of the message


Any questions not addressed here may be directed to the University Communications Office at


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