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Why can't I delete this subscriber?

Many times a subscriber will have their mail forwarded to another system or site. The mail bounce actually comes from that site rather than the one from which the person subscribed. The solution to this is to REView the list and look at the names and userids of the subscribers to try to find a name match to the person getting the bounced mail. Then you can delete that address from your list.

The other problem you may find is that someone has started a local list and subscribed it to your larger list. You then have subscribers getting mail from a secondary site. Bounced mail will pass from their real mailing address, but that address doesn't appear on your list of subscribers, the local list does. You can try to match site names, but often this doesn't work. You can try to keep local lists off your list (but this is really counterproductive since local distribution lists are less wasteful of resources) or make sure you have a valid address for the person responsible for the local site list. In any circumstances, it can be difficult. The first things to do, though, are to scour your list of subscribers for matches.


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