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What does it mean when a subscriber is "served out"?

If a user sends more than 50 consecutive invalid commands to LISTSERV, LISTSERV automatically serves that user off so that further commands from that user will be ignored. This normally happens by accident, for instance, if a user's "vacation" program keeps sending messages back to LISTSERV every time a posting from the list is received, rather than by someone actually sending 50 consecutive invalid commands manually.

While served off, the user will be unable to set personal options and will be unable to subscribe or unsubscribe to lists on that server. Note that the user may not even realize that he has been served off (when this happens by accident, LISTSERV always sends notification to the user to that effect, but not all users know what they are looking at when they receive the message).

To reenable a subscriber, go to the following URL:

Enter serve emailaddress in the command box, substituting the subscriber's full email address for emailaddress. Then select Enter Command.


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