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Personal Mail Aliases

Most mail clients will allow you to create your own mail alias, a simple name or word that is a substitute for a longer mail address or a group of mail addresses. For example, you could create the personal mail alias "ben" that is actually a substitute for
When you send mail to "ben", your message will go to both of the above addresses and both addresses will appear in the mail header of your message.

With a personal mail alias, only you can send mail to "ben". If someone else tries to send mail to "ben", they will get an error message since the system does not recognize "ben" as a valid address. This is quite convenient if you need to send mail to a small group of people on a regular basis. The larger your group of people becomes the larger your mail header becomes. This can become quite cumbersome and will make your messages much bigger than they need to be.

Check with your Local Support Provider to see how you can set up a personal mail alias with your email client.

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