PennKey Recovery Service (Challenge Response)

If you forget your PennKey password, you can reset it online if you have chosen to enroll in the PennKey Recovery Service. When you enroll you will provide answers to security questions, and then later if you forget your password you will be able to reset it by first answering your security questions.

There are two functions associated with the PennKey Recovery Service:

  1. The Recovery Service Settings function is used to enroll or cancel enrollment and to set or change your security questions.
  2. The Password Reset function is used to reset your password online if you forget it.

Should I enroll in the PennKey Recovery Service?

The PennKey Recovery Service is recommended for most users, and will be particularly valuable if:

If you have access to sensitive information (e.g., student records, payroll, financial data), you should consider also enrolling in the two-step verification program, which provides additional protection. Talk to your local support provider (LSP) about whether two-step verification is a good option for you.

The PennKey Recovery Service is not available to individuals with Non-Persistent PennKeys.

Enrolling in PennKey Recovery Service

To enroll, log in to PennKey Recovery Service Settings using your PennKey username and password to authenticate. Provide answers to three security questions. You may return to PennKey Recovery Service Settings at any time to change your questions and answers or to cancel your enrollment.