PennKey Help

General Help

If you need help registering or using your PennKey and password or would like to know more about "Kerberized" applications such as Kerberized email, contact your Local Support Provider (LSP).

For answers to the most common questions about all aspects of PennKey, see the PennKey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For questions of terminology, see PennKey A -Z.

For PennKey information provided by Schools, Centers, and UPHS for their affiliates, see PennKey Setup Code Administration.

Common Usage and Registration Problems

For solutions to common usage and registration problems, see the Common PennKey Registration and Usage Problems page.

Missing PennKey Setup Code

If you requested a PennKey Setup Code using the Setup Code Service and your Setup Code did not arrive in the mail, send a followup query to rather than requesting a second Setup Code without knowing the status of the first one. (For security purposes, a later request will nullify a previously requested Setup Code. Thus if the Setup Code you originally requested arrives late, it won't be useable.)

Compromised Password

If you believe your password has been compromised, change it immediately and report the incident to (To learn how to change your password, see the Change a Known Password page.)