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PennKey Changes - April 27, 2004

A group within ISC has been meeting over the last four to five months, in order to streamline PennKey processes in an attempt to make them simpler for end users and therefore easier for Local Support Providers to support. Changes went into affect April 27, 2004.

Setup Codes

A Setup Code (formerly named PIN) is one piece of information that individuals need to know in order to register or sign up for a PennKey. They are generated by a central application and distributed in several ways. Changes include:

  • Terminology change PIN to Setup Code
  • PINs were uppercase-Setup Codes will be lower case
  • Expanded distribution through more PennKey Administration Stations

Schools should make sure that all references to PINs on local documentation (web sites, letters to students, etc.) are updated to "Setup Code."

Application Improvements

Registration Application

  • Setup Code entered only once and not masked
  • Setup Code all lowercase
  • Streamlined text

Challenge-Response Password Reset Application

  • Emphasis on final goal - resetting password, not obtaining a Setup Code
  • Automatically flows into Registration Application
  • Streamlined text

Web Site Changes (

  • Simplified language throughout site
  • New search feature
  • "Sponsor a guest" information in the top menu
  • New section for PennKey Administrators
  • Authentication Methods Chart Update

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