PennKey Enhancements Planned Outage

Outage Window for PennKey Enhancements - August 4th, 8PM - Midnight

The following applications and services will be unavailable during the proposed outage window:

  • PennKey Registration - accepts a setup code and allow users to create or change their PennKey security questions, select a PennName (if they don't already have one), and create or change their PennKey password.
  • PennKey password applications - users authenticate with their current PennKey password or by correctly answering their security questions and can then change/reset their PennKey password and/or update their security questions.
  • PennKey Setup Code Service - users enter ID information and request that a Setup Code be sent to an address of record via US mail.
  • Test My PennKey - confirms whether a PennKey username and password are functioning.
  • PennKey ASAP - PennKey provisioning for alumni-ONLY

Note: Penn WebLogin will continue to function throughout the outage, so the ability of users with existing PennKeys to access PennKey-protected resources will not be impacted.

Outage Window for WebLogin Update - August 6th, 7AM - 7:30AM

The Penn WebLogin page will be updated during this outage window, but the application will continue to function for users who need to open new Penn WebLogin sessions. No other applications and services will be impacted, and active sessions will continue to function subject to normal limits and time out periods.

To prepare users for the change and to avoid concerns that the new screen is a phishing site, we have posted images of the current and updated Penn WebLogin screens. Note also that the URL that appears in the browser address bar will not change (, and checking the URL in the browser address bar is the best way to confirm that this is not a phishing site.