KAdmin HOWTO: Managing and Administering Non-User PennKeys

During Kerberos’ initial introduction at Penn, ISC issued KAdmin PennKeys. However, once an authorized individual in a school or center receives a KAdmin PennKey for its DNS domains, ISC relies on the school or center to control the issuance of subsequent KAdmin, Service and Cross-Realm Trust PennKeys.

A link to a page that shows contact information for Schools & Centers that have an authorized issuer for KAdmin keys appears below. LSPs from any of the schools or centers shown on the contacts page who are inquiring about KAdmin keys should contact the individual with KAdmin privileges in your school or center.

If your school or center does not currently have a KAdmin contact or if a new Domain has been created you will need to obtain approval from your school or center's IT Director. Then complete a request form, and coordinate the request via ISC Client Care. Please note, if the request sent via email, you must encrypt it using a trusted PGP key.

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