Requesting KAdmin principal

If there is a need to assign a kadmin who will have authority to administer a campus domain, a request would go to ISC Client Care who should gather and verify the appropriate information. Once that process is complete an email should be sent by ISC Client Care to the ISC Kerberos support team in the following format:

Kerberos Admin,

Please create PennKey(s) as specified below.  Thanks.  

Please deliver  the password(s) using:    
[   ] PGP-encrypted mail to the already-authenticated owner  
[   ] Sealed envelope for pickup and in-person authentication  
[   ] Secure Share    

(An 'X' in a box below includes that PennKey type in this request.)    
[   ] User PennKey  
[   ] KAdmin PennKey(s), numbering:       

Required info  
PennName    :   
E-Mail      :   
Full Name   :       

Following for KAdmin PennKeys only  
KAdmin PennKey      :   
Email address       :       (of the person authorizing the creation of the KAdmin PennKey)  
Position/department :      (of the authorizing person)      

Provider Desk PGP Key ID  :   
PGP Public Key follows.    

NOTE: Requestors who prefer to receive credentials via a PGP 
encrypted email must provider their PGP public key upon  submitting the request to ProDesk.