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Cyrus SASL Library Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for the Cyrus SASL Library with support for Kerberos 5 GSSAPI authentication on Penn UNIX servers. Shared libraries from this package allow other services (e.g. SMTP) to provide the Kerberos authentication.


Before installing the Cyrus SASL Library, the MIT Kerberos V5 distribution must be installed. For installation instructions, refer to Installing the MIT Kerberos V5 Distribution.

Obtain and unpack the software

  1. Download the Cyrus SASL Library software from the following location:


    The latest version at this writing is 1.5.27. Version 2.x continues to have known bugs when used with sendmail.

  3. Unpack the software: gzip -dc cyrus-sasl-1.5.27.gz | tar xvf -

Configure, compile, and install the software

  1. Configure the software:

    	cd cyrus-sasl-1.5.27
    	./configure --prefix=/usr/local \
    		--enable-krb4=no \
    		--enable-gssapi=yes \
    		--enable-digest=no \
    		--enable-cram=no \
    		--enable-plain=no \
    		--enable-login=no \
    	make install


    If it is necessary to allow non-Kerberized SMTP authentication also, then the PLAIN and LOGIN authentication mechanisms should be turned on, but modify the 'configure' line above to include:

    		--enable-plain=yes --enable-login=yes

  2. Make sure that no components in the directory path to the plugin directory (/usr/local/lib/sasl) are group-writable or world-writable.


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