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Test My PennKey

Follow this link to test that you are entering the correct password for your PennKey. Below is a full description of the test.

Log In
At the Penn WebLogin screen, enter your PennKey and password in the appropriate boxes and click on the "Log In" button. For an explanation of the WebLogin pass, see About WebLogin.

Note: If you entered your PennKey and password in another application and obtained a WebLogin pass before doing this test, your PennKey will already be supplied for you on the login screen.
If you have entered the correct credentials, you will see a confirmation screen and your PennKey is working.
If not, possibly
  • the PennKey/password combination entered is incorrect, or
  • you did not wait long enough (at least 5 minutes after registration) for your PennKey to be ready for authentication, or
  • the form timed out before you finished entering your PennKey and password, or
  • you entered a username and password combination other than PennKey (i.e. email username and password).
Click on the "Log out" link to navigate to the Log Out screen.
Log Out
Click on the "Log out" button to terminate your WebLogin pass.

PennKey home page


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