PennPortal: Using HTML code in channels


HTML code must be used with care. HTML capabilities add flexibility to channels and their associated story pages. But code errors can cause problems that affect all PennPortal users, so authorization to use HTML code is given to channel managers on an individual basis, not by default. Channel managers who wish to request HTML authorization should contact the portal administrator at

HTML code can augment PennPortal's basic channel editing capabilities. For instance, using HTML you can make an image a clickable link to a web site outside PennPortal. You can make a single word or phrase an "inline" link within a longer group of words. You can create nested lists--and so on.


Inserting HTML code 

Step 1


If you are a channel manager authorized to use HTML, the "Insert:" dropdown menu will include an item type called "HTML code." Select it and choose an insertion point as for other types of channel content.



Step 2  

Enter the desired HTML code fragment in the input field. You may type the code directly in the field or paste it from an HTML editor or authoring program. Remember that PennPortal tabs and channels already provide the basic HTML structure, so don't include such tags as "head," "body," or "meta" in your channel. Think of including only those HTML elements that would logically fit within a "table" container tag.

If you are authorized to use HTML code, you can also enter it in the text input field that appears when you insert a "story" element in the channel. Since a story page offers more space to work with, you can use HTML to create two- or three-column formatting, multicolor backgrounds, and other effects.

Click "Save" to preview the display of your code.


Step 3  

Review the display of your code. If the result is correct, click on the "Commit my Changes" button at the upper right of the channel editor. If not, click on "Edit" beside the displayed item to return to the HTML editor. If you want to start over, click on "Reload from Database" to return your channel to its state when you last committed changes.

From this screen you may choose to insert another item, to edit or create story pages by clicking on "manage stories for this channel", to return to the list of channels to preview your formatted channel, or click on a tab to return to the user's view of PennPortal.