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April 1997  -  Volume 13:8


Forcasting the Future: Gartner intraWeb
By Noam Arzt and Peggy Yetter

Macro viruses unmasked
By Caroline Ferguson and William Couture

By John Mulhern III

Last week, James J. O'Donnell, professor of classical studies and Interim Vice Provost for Information Systems and Computing (ISC) since February 1996 was appointed to the permanent position in a joint announcement by Provost Stanley Chodorow and Executive Vice President John A. Fry.

Printout-Almanac Digest

Network Advisory

PCs attempting to connect to Novell Netware servers may be unable to connect or appear to connect and then freeze because improperly configured Windows 95 machines can interfere with attempts to connect to legitimate Netware servers. In addition, there is a potential security problem for Netware clients.

Network Advisory: Win95 Systems 'Grabbing' IPX Workstation Connections is a detailed description of the problem with recommendations for Netware file server administrators, DOS/Win3.1/Win95 Netware clients, and Windows 95 users.

In summary, the recommendations advise Netware client users to contact their network administrators if they are unable to connect to Novell Netware servers, that Netware administrators turn on "Get Nearest Server" capability in their autoexec.ncf file, and that Windows 95 users always use TCP/IP instead of IPX for peer-to-peer networking services.

A related document, PennNet Netware Configuration Recommendations, describes the recommended network configuration for Netware v3.x and 4.x servers, as well as DOS/Win3.1/Win95 clients.

Summer cleanup

Faculty and students who will not be using their e-mail accounts over the summer are reminded to sign off from listserv discussion groups; otherwise your inbox could overflow, causing e-mail to be lost. Many campus e-mail hosts also provide easy access to "vacation" messages, which can be edited to automatically inform your correspondents that you will not be reading e-mail for an extended period of time. However, make sure you have unsubscribed from lists if you use a vacation message or your vacation message may be automatically sent whenever someone posts mail to the list.

Search update

The Penn Web Team has begun the process of selecting a package for use as the principal indexing/search tool on the Penn Web. Three products emerged from a preliminary screening based on industry reviews, market position, and informal benchmarking:

Excite was eliminated because it did not meet the team's requirement that it be able to search across multiple servers (Penn now has more than 200). See the table comparing the capabilities of the three products and the complete listing of evaluation criteria.

Forty-two members of the Penn community, including students, faculty, and staff, are performing a comparative evaluation of the Webinator and Alta Vista during the week of April 18-25. The results of this evaluation, along with technical criteria, cost projections, and consultation with peer institutions currently using these products, will be used to develop a recommendation to the Penn Web Steering Committee in late spring. After some customizing of the interface and development of additional online documentation, the selected product will be deployed on the Penn Web.

Penn Printout Online

The last edition of the Penn Printout Online for the current academic year will be available on the computing web this afternoon.

In addition to the Printout-Almanac Digest, you'll find an article describing macro viruses and the campuswide effort to recommend and obtain a Macintosh macro-virus product for site license at Penn (Vi-Spy 15.0, available from the Computing Resource Center at 3732 Locust Walk, will detect macro viruses on PCs).

Want to save time when you compute? Check out the article about timesaving shortcuts for Macintosh and Windows 95 computer users. And, if you are interested in technology, read the overview of the Gartner IntraWeb. Gartner IntraWeb is a database of advisories available on the computing web provided by the leading advisor on information technology, Gartner Group.