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Volume 11

April 1995


Virtual Mailboxes, which allow their owners to take advantage of almost all the benefits and conveniences of VoiceMail, are available for people without campus phone extensions. For information, call 898-2486 or send e-mail to ali@a1.benhur.

Where's MEDA and MEDB? The University Library is now offering a new, improved MEDLINE software called OVID. OVID is the second choice on the PennLIN Gateway menu. Call the Biomedical Library Reference desk at 898-5817 for assistance or stop by and pick up a brochure.

A 90-day trial version of Personal Oracle can be retrieved from Oracle's web site ( and an unofficial Oracle FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) archive can be found at

Web browsers and utilities for the Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX are available at

The Computer Connection, the campus computing store, will answer questions and respond to information requests sent to its e-mail account (

To access newsgroups via Netscape, first set your News (NNTP) Server to in the Directories, Applications, and News pop-up window in the Preferences option under the Options menu. Next, choose "Go to Newsgroups" from the Directory menu.

Access online help for System 7.5 using Macintosh Guide by clicking on the question mark icon on the menu bar.

Summer cleanup: Faculty and students leaving campus for the summer are reminded to sign off from listserv discussion groups; otherwise your inbox could overflow, causing e-mail to be lost.

The ultimate decadence has arrived online - Godiva Chocolates (

Track your FedEx package online (

1-800-Directory, AT&T's online 800 directory ( can be browsed by category or name, and searched by name or phone number.

IBM's OS/2 operating system was the best selling piece of software last December.

Mac clones: Radius, Power Computing, Cutting Edge, and Pioneer Corporation among others, have signed licensing agreements giving them the right to manufacture and market Macintosh clones.

For college news, application forms, and information about student summer programs, check the Peterson's Education Center Web site (

Syllabus '95, a conference covering the use of technology in the curriculum, will be held July 22-26, at Sonoma State University in California. Information: 800/773-0670 or

Job hunting? The CareerMosaic WWW site has links to employment information at 6,000 companies (

Tired of typing HTTP://? In Netscape you don't need to bother. For example, to reach the Penn Home Page, just type

Selections from Ziff Davis Publishing Company's popular computing journals are available at Journals available include Computer Shopper, MacUser, MacWeek, PC Computing, PC Magazine, PC Week, and Windows Sources.

Internet guide online and free! Peachpit Press, a major computing publisher, is distributing the 297-page book Aether Madness: An Offbeat Guide to the Online World via the WWW ( The publisher does not expect the free version to substantially affect sales of the $21.95 printed version.

March 1995


Franklin has a new service called MATH, which includes the full Math/Science database from the American Mathematical Association. MATH has historical references that go back in some cases as far as the 1940's.

Did you know that there are over 5,000 LP and CD recordings of both classical and traditional music of the world listed in Franklin? Try a k= search to locate the recordings of your favorite composer on compact disc or LP (k=beethoven and sound recording), or browse the Library's CD collection of the music of a specific country or people (k=indonesia and compact).

Microsoft's home page ( is now (or will shortly be) offering two free add-ons for Word for Windows. One is the Internet Assistant, a tool that generates HTML mark-up tags; the other is Word Viewer, a product that lets you view and print Word documents.

WHYY, Channel 12, the Philadelphia area PBS affiliate, now has an electronic mail address. Send comments about programming to

Hypercard 2.3, expected to ship this summer, will allow users to create fat-binary, stand-alone applications.

If you have voice mail, such as Bell Atlantic's Answer Call, on your home phone, make sure you have no new messages before logging on to PennNet. Otherwise you will receive a "no dial tone" message and be unable to access the modem pool.

StarTrek Voyager's Web page is located at

The Penn Library's OVID search system now allows you to save search strategies and execute them at a later date. From the main search screen, use the Save command (^B) to save a strategy and the Search command (^A) followed by Execute to execute a saved search.

The conference "Religion, Television and the Information Superhighway: A Search for a Middle Way" was held at the Annenberg School on April 22- 23, 1994. The conference report is available at the URL

Archaeology buffs: View the newly discovered paleolithic cave paintings at, or follow the MayaQuest team at

Macromedia's Authorware 3, expected to ship in April, will allow data exchange with Director movies and will import RTF files.

Test preparation companies Kaplan and Princeton Review provide free information online about subjects ranging from student evaluations of colleges to law school admissions. The URLS are and

Looking for an online Internet workshop? The lesson files of the popular "Roadmap" workshop (80,000 subscribers to the February 95 series) can be accessed from the developer's home page ( or via e-mail (send a message to with the following text in the BODY, not subject line, of the message: get map package f=mail).

The BugNet newsletter reports on bugs in Windows software, including all Microsoft products, Lotus 1-2-3, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and others. Info: BugNet, P.O. Box 393, Sumas, WA 98295.

Under any version of System 7, you can usually quit from a crashed application without restarting your Macintosh by pressing the >Option- Command-Escape< key combination.

Want to create your own home page but need a little help? Try the tutorials available from The tutorial, created by DCCS, is also available from and

February 1995


Check out the new PennNet Passport home page accessible from You can access both the HTML and PDF versions, and link to Adobe Systems' WWW site where you can get Acrobat Reader software.

Stop by the "Virtual Science Museum," the Franklin Institute's World-Wide Web server, and visit the "virtual exhibits" about Ben Franklin and The Heart. The URL is

URL's are case sensitive. If a URL contains uppercase letters, you must remember to use them when entering the URL into your World-Wide Web browser. A URL, or Universal Resource Locator, indicates the location and type of information.

The first Mac clones, produced by Power Computing, are expected out in March.

If you launch a Macintosh application by mistake, try pressing <Command-.> (Command-period) to stop the launch. This key combination is the Mac's cancel command and should work for most applications.

Windows 3.1 offers the best performance when running in 8 megabytes of RAM, according to tests run by PC Magazine.

Thomas, the United States Congress' new Internet resource for congressional information, was named in honor of Thomas Jefferson. Thomas can be reached via the URL

Dialing PennNet from counties outside Philadelphia County may require using the 215 area code. Check the Bell Atlantic "We Can Help" Center (800/555-5000) for details.

Windows won't let you create a permanent swap file? The problem might be a fragmented hard drive; Windows needs unfragmented, contiguous hard disk space to create a permanent swap file.

Hewlett-Packard discovered a feed roller problem with some of the ink-jet printers in the DeskJet/DeskWriter 500 family (excluding the DeskJet/DeskWriter 540). If your printer has problems feeding paper, contact Hewlett-Packard (800/656-2324) for a "fix-up" kit.

If you receive a RING/NO ANSWER message when you dial in to PennNet, this usually indicates a defective modem or line. Redial and your call will be assigned to a different line automatically.

PowerBook alert - Apple recommends that in cold weather, you allow your PowerBook to return to room temperature before turning it on. The recommended temperature range for operating a PowerBook is 50-104 degrees F. Use at higher and lower temperatures can stress or damage the computer.

To insert the current date or time into a field in FileMaker Pro (Mac), press <Command - > (Command-hyphen) for the date or <Command-;> (Command-semicolon) for the time. FileMaker will then display the date or time stored in the Mac's General Control Panel.

In FileMaker Pro (Mac), to copy the contents of a field in a previous record to the same field in another record, press <Command-'> (Command-apostrophe) when you are in the blank field.

Gone but not forgotten? Deleting an icon (a program group icon or program item icon) in Microsoft Windows just deletes the icon, not the application the icon represents. To delete the application, use the Delete command from the File Manager or the DOS delete command.

SEPTA schedule and fare information is available in PennInfo (keyword "septa").

If you get a busy signal when you dial in to PennNet via modem between 9 PM and 1 AM, keep trying. On average, a line becomes available every 5 seconds during those hours.

Standard ink-jet cartridges typically produce approximately 300 pages of double-spaced text.

November 1994


A clickable map of, which includes equipment details, is available on Penn's Web. Navigate to the Printout's October 1994 issue ( and select the article about the labs.

Eudora for the Macintosh automatically creates a "Eudora Folder" in your System Folder when you double-click on the Eudora application (if the folder doesn't already exist). If you move the Eudora folder somewhere other than the System Folder, double-click on the Eudora Settings file rather than the Eudora application file to launch Eudora. The Settings file will open Eudora with the appropriate Eudora settings and mail files without creating a new Eudora folder in the System Folder.

Progress? Instead of the arpeggiated musical notes that older Macintoshes played when their RAM wasn't working, Power Macintosh machines play the sound of a car crashing.

In the market for used computing equipment? Check a newsgroup, such as,, or Sellers also welcome!

The UDC completed phasing out its mainframe-based, VM interactive service in late October. Prior to the final shutdown, UDC staff surveyed all the files remaining on the system. The oldest file, dated March 8, 1979 was called AGAME MODULE. It's purpose? The grandfather of all computer role-playing games - Adventure. The program still ran.

The Penn NetNews IP number has changed to The change does not affect those who address the news server by name (i.e., When possible, use the name rather than the IP number to reach the news service.

Having problems with your new PowerBook modem? You might want to try switching the modem setting in your PowerBook Setup control panel from compatible to normal.

Access PC won't let you mount audio CDs in your CD-ROM drive? You need to upgrade to Apple's CD-ROM Setup v. 5.0. After installing the new drivers, you will no longer be asked if you want to initialize the audio disk.

An unadvertised improvement in Macintosh System 7.5 is a vastly improved disk cache. In Systems 7.1 and earlier, the cache yielded vastly diminishing returns after being allotted between 512 and 768 Kbytes, depending on the machine model. Now, it's a good idea to allot as much as 2 Mbytes if you have sufficient RAM.

Beezarre? A quote from an obscure listserv: "If you've never seen the fabulously bizarre 1991 film WAX or the discovery of television among the bees then you're definitely not where it's at. You can recover a little of your lost grace though, by checking out the MOO version of WAX...." URL: http://jefferson.village.virginia.du/wax/wax.html.

Netscape, a new Web browser for Windows and Macintosh operating systems, is available via ftp from For those of you who're just learning about URLs, you can also use your current Web browser to pick up Netscape - the address given above needs to be transformed to the URL

PennLIN's new gateway service, previously published in both the Printout and the PennNet Passport as available via telnet to, has been made synonomous with the old mainframe service available at Typing either or will get you to the new gateway service.

A shareware version of the Control Strip, which Apple included with newer PowerBooks, is available from most online services. Called Desktop Strip, the shareware works with most Control Strip modules and adds some of its own.

Want to use Apple's Multiple Scan Monitors (15, 17, or 20 inch) with older Macintosh computers that have built-in video (e.g., LC IIsi)? Since older machines use a sensing pin to determine the scan rate for the monitor and the new ones do not, you may need to purchase an adapter from Enhance Cable Technology (800-343-2425).

October 1994


Have you heard about LibertyNet? It's the Delaware Valley's computer- based communications and information network. To try out LibertyNet in its prototype form, telnet to and type "liberty" to log in.

To make a DOS system disk that will start up your computer, first put an unformatted disk in your disk drive (usually A:), type format a: /s and then press the enter key. If you're using a version of DOS prior to 3.3, you must also copy the file. To do this, type copy c:\ a: and then press the enter key.

As many as 2,000 manuscripts stored in the Pontifical Library in Rome are being scanned and imaged and will eventually be made available to scholars over the Internet. Also planned are $14 bound "reprints" produced using Xerox demand printing technology.

WordPerfect for Windows 6.0a lets you open non-adjacent files by holding down the Control key when clicking on file names in the Open File dialog box. Then click OK to open all of the selected files.

Course newsgroups can be established for any class. Faculty should contact their local system administrator for information about how to set up a newsgroup.

But does it come with its own zip code? If you do a full installation of Microsoft Word for Macintosh 6.0, say good-bye to 22 Mb of disk space.

Windows95 - not Windows 4.0 - is what Microsoft is calling its new version of Windows. The name is an attempt to overcome consumers' reluctance to purchase software versions ending in zero.

Newbies on the net: According to PC Computing, of the 23 million people with regular access to the Internet, 10 million got access within the past year.

Clinton's crime bill includes the "Computer Abuse Amendments Act of 1994," which extends legal protection to computers "used in interstate commerce" - a phrase which could be interpreted to mean a computer with Internet access. Also, prosecutors no longer have to prove "harmful intent," but the less strict "reckless disregard," to convict.

From the annex prompt, you must type "hangup" (or just "ha") to properly disconnect from PennNet.

Macintosh System 7.5 will include PC Exchange, a utility formerly available separately, which allows you to read and write DOS disks on the Macintosh.

The report of the University's Task Force on Electronic Privacy is available on PennInfo; use the keyword "privacy" to access the report and associated documents.

Be aware of lurkers! For every person who posts a message to NetNews, there are several hundred who just read news. You never know who is reading your posting or how long archives of it may be kept on the Internet. Be careful what you post - your postings may be read by colleagues, professors, friends, and deans; in the future, your potential employers may be able to read what you posted as a Penn freshman.

The Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN), now available via the new PennLIN Gateway, gives faculty, staff, and students access to over 22 million items - most can be obtained from RLIN sites through interlibrary loan. Access to the Penn Library's new system is via telnet to

For medical research information, check out the National Institutes of Health Gopher. Just point your Gopher client to

Want to delete a column of text in Microsoft Word? Insert your cursor where you want to begin deleting text, hold down the option key, then click and drag the mouse over the area to be deleted. The text will be highlighted. Now release both the option key and the mouse. Press the delete key to remove the column.

September 1994


OncoLink, Penn's Multimedia Oncology Web Resource, won the international award for Best of the Web in Professional Services. It gets over 4,000 hits (WWW and gopher) per day. OncoLink's address is

Need help with Elm? The Guide to Elm at Penn, has been revised and updated. Basic Elm functions are covered; also discussed are organizing mail, aliases, looking up addresses in Penn's e-mail directory, and uploading and downloading attachments. The guide is available at Wharton Reprographics.

Visit Paris on the Web. The WebLouvre reopened its "Famous Paintings" exhibit, which now features an expo on Impressionism. Expect congestion though -- the site hosts over a million connections per month. Catch it at

Imagine, a CD-ROM based on the life and work of John Lennon, contains video, art, music, and text by the late Beatle; it's due to be released in September.

PennNet modem settings have changed from 7 databits and even parity to 8 databits and no parity. The dial in number remains 898-0834.

Faculty and staff who have changed their e-mail address since last year can update their entries in the online directory. To do so, telnet to and follow the on-screen instructions.

To write-protect your 3.5" floppy disk, slide open the tab on the corner of the disk. Once write protected, no information can be inadvertently deleted nor can files be modified.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are working on a CD-ROM-based game called "The Dig." CD-ROM lets the directors create a work with video, sound, and special effects less expensively than a full-length feature film.

Can't remember how to rebuild your Mac's Desktop? Go to the Finder and select Finder Shortcuts from the Help menu. You'll see a pagable document listing useful keyboard commands -- including rebuilding the Desktop.

Playboy, for those who "read it for the articles," offers a CD-ROM containing over 350 interviews, which includes full-text, photos, and audio clips.

An Internet address (IP address) is a unique number assigned to a specific machine (node or host) on the Internet. IP addresses, for example, identify the section of the Internet (such as PennNet segments) and the host on that section. Because they are used to uniquely identify machines, they should not be copied to another machine.

PennNet PassPort, the popular guide to networking at Penn, has been revised and updated. Copies are available at Wharton Reprographics and the Book Store.

Most local network services, including PennInfo and Penn's Gopher, are available from our World-Wide Web (WWW) service. If you do not have a graphical WWW client, check to see if your host will let you use lynx to access WWW. From the system command, try typing lynx

Tired of navigating through multiple screens to start Windows applications? Use the Shortcut keys in Windows to speed up your work. From the Program Manager, highlight the icon of an application and then select Properties from the File menu. In the Shortcut Key field, press Control and the letter you want to assign to the application. To use your new shortcut to start an application, just press Control + Alt and the letter you assigned to the application.

Pentium purchases by home users are larger than expected and may outstrip office purchases this year. The trend seems to be due to the technical requirements of game and educational software exceeding requirements for office productivity software.

Need a special symbol in MicroSoft Word? Press Command, then Option, then Q to display the symbol palette. The palette contains Greek letters, copyright and trademark symbols, and all of the diacritical marks. Just click on one of the symbols to insert it in your document.