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Volume 9

March 1996


Each week the Library selects and annotates sites considered especially useful to Penn faculty and students for its "Cool New Sites" list. The sites are also in cluded in the Library's Internet Resources listing under the appropriate category.

Modems with similar specifications don't work equally well on PennNet. To eliminate a frequent source of difficulty in establishing a network connection, use a US Robotics 14.4. or 28.8 Sportster modem. These models, available at the Computer Connection, have been tested thoroughly and shown to work with PennNet.

Wharton students: If you're having trouble with SPIKE, try to use the copy of Netscape installed with your Internet applications (look in the "PennNet PPP" Program Manager group in Windows or in the folder you selected during installation on the Macintosh). If Netscape doesn't work, contact First Call, 57-FIRST. If Netscape works but SPIKE doesn't, contact Wharton's computer consultants, 898-8600.

Is Netscape freezing your Macintosh? The Defrost system extension "defrosts" all versions of Netscape and works on Macs and Power Macs running System 7 or later. Download it from

New Internet search engines offer much more function ality than their predecessors. Check Internet Search Tools on the Library's Internet Resources page ( for examples. Alta Vista, for example, searches Web pages and Usenet messages using Boolean operators, proximity (phrase searches), and relevancy ranking. This full functionality increases your chances of finding exactly what you want.

The DOS/Windows FTP site at Oakland University now has a Web page front-end to its software archive, including subject categorizations, a search engine, and file listings that include dates, byte sizes, and brief descriptions (

It's 1996 - have you changed your password? To change your Dolphin or Pobox password, log in to your account, then at the [MAIN MENU]% prompt, type passwd . You will be prompted to type your current (old) password, then your new password twice.

PPP for Windows users: Make sure you have only one WINSOCK.DLL file and that it's in the C:\NET\BIN sub-directory. Having more than one WINSOCK.DLL causes problems with Internet applications, e.g., Netscape.

Penn's Computer Connection has sold approximately 51,500 computers and printers since 1984.

If you are having startup problems in Windows 3.1 or Windows for Workgroups, try starting Windows by typing win /b. This creates a file in the Windows directory called BOOTLOG.TXT, which records the Windows startup procedure and any files or devices that fail to load.

Need the zip code for Crumpled Springs, ND? Search the Postal Service's address and zip code site (http:/ /

Longing for WordPerfect's blue screen? In Word 6 for Macintosh, select Options from the Tools menu, and in the General section, check Blue Background, White Text. In Word 6 for Windows, select Options from the Tools menu, select the General tab, and check Blue Background, White Text.

December 1995


When contacting ISC's First Call help line (215/573 -4778 or help@isc), provide this information: your name, phone number, e-mail address, status (faculty, staff, or student), department or School, and a detailed account of the problem or issue.

Correction: Two of the three domain name server addresses in the Q&A section of the November Penn Printout were incorrect. The three correct addresses are,, and

MicroPhone Pro for Windows can be used as a Telnet helper application with Netscape to provide Kermit file transfers from the Library's online catalog. Configure Netscape as follows: C:\MPWIN\MP2.EXE Telnet, (Note: The trailing comma is important! Modify the path if MicroPhone is installed in a directory other than C:\MPWIN).

To tag multiple messages in Elm, first type <Ctrl-t>, then type a string of text as the pattern for Elm to match. All messages matching the pattern within the to, from, and subject lines will be tagged and can then be copied, saved, or deleted as a group.

If Microsoft Word 6.0 (Mac) seems slow on startup, try removing infrequently used fonts from the Fonts Folder. Each time Word is loaded, it builds its font menu and checks each font for corruption. Fewer fonts equals less checking and, perhaps, faster loading of Word.

According to Newsweek magazine, laptop computers will make up 35.1 percent of the computers sold in the year 2000.

In WordPerfect for Windows 6.0a/6.1 you can access commonly used features via keyboard shortcuts, such as Control-s (save), Control-o (open), and Control-p (print). Check the documentation for more shortcuts and instructions on creating your own.

In DOS 6.x use DIR /S to see the total number of files in a directory.

Considering ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)? Check out ISDN information web pages at http://www. or

Word 5.x (Macintosh users) can read files created in Word 6.0 for Macintosh, Windows, and Windows NT using the Word 6 converter created by Microsoft. The converter, available from, must be placed in the Word Commands folder.

Eudora is set to automatically delete all new messages on your e-mail server (e.g., pobox) as it brings them to your desktop machine. If you later connect to your e-mail account via Telnet (e.g., using Host Presenter or NCSA Telnet), you will not see the messages Eudora has already retrieved. To keep copies of your messages on the mail server, select "leave mail on server" as the Checking Mail setting in the Settings box. Remember to delete old messages from your account periodically.

ResNet students using Windows 95 can request a fixed IP address for Ethernet access to the Internet. Call 573-4778 or send e-mail to help@isc with the following information: your name, phone number, dorm and room number, computer type (e.g., 486 or Pentium), and a first and second choice for a machine name. A fixed IP address is not necessary for PPP access over a modem. Windows 95 is currently not supported by Information Systems and Computing.

The trackpad on the PowerBook Duo 2300 (but not the PowerBook 5300) can be set to see a double tap as a double mouse click.

Call the Computer Connection's fax-back service at 898-3282, option 3, to obtain Mac, DOS/Windows, and software price lists, as well as their newsletter.

Want to customize the Word for Windows toolbar? Right click anywhere on the toolbar to open the Word toolbar customization menu.

Tired of noisy modems? Use the ATM0 (that's a zero, not the letter "o") command to turn off the modem's speaker.

November 1995


Before installing Windows 95 on your office or home computer, check the Ethernet or PPP installation guides. From, click "Windows 95 Information." Keep in mind Windows 95 isn't supported yet.

Power searching. Pressing the Option key when clicking on the Criteria pop-up menu in System 7.5's Find File dialog box allows you to search within files. It also gives you some additional search criteria that are not ordinarily available.

Ink jet warning. Don't turn ink jet printers off via a power strip; use the on/off button on the printer. Turning an ink jet printer off without using the on/off button may cause the ink cartridge to dry out prematurely.

At Last! Eudora Pro, the commercial version of Eudora Light, the freeware e-mail program, now includes a spelling checker.

To restart a PowerMac after a system freeze, press and hold down the Control and Command keys, and then press the power-on key.

UPS is online. It's 5 o'clock and you're wondering just where your package from the man in brown is. No problem. You can track your shipment via UPS online. Just provide the UPS tracking number. You can also estimate charges for packages shipped in the US by using the UPS Package Rating Assistant. (

AB(P)Cs. The American Association of State Colleges and Universities recently announced that roughly two-thirds of its members either have implemented or are planning to implement computer-literacy requirements for students. Only one-fifth are planning such requirements for professors.

Stop startup: To prevent items located in the Windows 3.1 Startup group from loading, hold down the Shift key while Windows loads.

Eudora, the popular e-mail software, was named after the American author Eudora Welty. The original programmer, Steve Dorner, named the program after the Welty story "Why I live at the P.O."

Babes in toyland! That's how you'll feel after visiting F.A.O. Schwarz. As the oldest toy store in America, F.A.O. Schwarz prides itself on providing the best and most unusual toys to children of all ages. (

Phil Zimmerman, the father of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), has released a beta version of PGPfone. PGPfone lets you use your Macintosh as a secure telephone using modem-to-modem communications for real time conversations. (

Apartment hunting? Looking for that large living room, two bedroom, central air, modern kitchen, walk-in closets, with laundry facilities? Try visiting Rent Net, the Online Apartment Guide. Rent Net features furnished and unfurnished apartments and corporate housing from 44 states and 250 cities nationwide. (

Book Stacks Unlimited has over 330,000 titles. Even if you don't purchase anything, their "shelves" are worth browsing. In addition to a summary of bestsellers, a listing of book-related events, the complete works of copyright-free titles, and information about authors -- ranging from biographies, pictures, sound, and selected works -- check out their multimedia exhibit "Book Banning, Burning, and Censorship." (

RealAudio's Web page demonstrates the excitement and power of online audio with live broadcasts of actual events, including news broadcasts, announcements, interviews, and conferences. Past broadcasts have included Mario Cuomo's keynote address at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, ABC news coverage of Pope John Paul II's visit to the United States, the OJ Simpson trial verdict, and Penn Professor David Farber's keynote speech for the SIGCOMM 95 awards. (

October 1995


NFL online. On your opening visit, start with the latest NFL results, drop back to NFL teams, then pass to NFL news -wire. By the time you tackle the NFL library, this site just might force you into overtime (

WordPerfect for DOS lets you see the last files you opened by pressing Open Document (Shift + F10) and then pressing the down arrow key.

HTML coding, tips, and techniques? Netscape & HTML EXplorer by Urban A. LeJune is an excellent guide that goes that much needed step beyond the basics. In addition to providing tips on working with thumbnails, resizing an image, and adding background color, it also includes a table tutorial and a list of Web sites showing interesting online uses of tables. Cost is $39.99; a CD-ROM is included but is for Windows only.

Shops at Penn & 3401 Cafe are on the Web. Hours for the 22 shops and eateries are posted, with coupons! That's right! Just print the coupon to get savings, specials, and discounts for selected stores. (

Want a side order with that? The next time you are in the Big Apple, visit the @cafe, which serves up Internet connections as well as food and drink. The @cafe is located at 12 St. Mark's Place.

Congressional hearings on the nation's copy right laws for cyberspace are expected to start soon, with action by the end of 1996. "Intel lectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure" makes legislative recommen dations to Congress. The report is available in PDF, Microsoft Word, and ASCII formats at

From Aretha Franklin to Led Zeppelin, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum is a music fan's dream come true! Tune into http:/ / for audio clips, rock trivia, and more.

Mayor Ed Rendell has taken his '95 campaign to cyberspace. (

CNN Interactive is CNN's news companion on the Internet. Since 1994, CNN Interactive has provided a replica of the CNN cable television news format. Up-to -date news and information are available on U.S. news, business, showbiz, weather, food and health, world news, sports, politics, technology, and style. (

Project Bartleby is one of the largest public collections of online literature. Works include online editions of William Strunk's Elements of Style and Bartlett's Familiar Quota tions. (

Mac Window woes? If you have problems with Windows under SoftWindows on the Macintosh, hold the Shift key down when starting SoftWindows. This forces DOS to start with basic AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files to facilitate problem solving.

Native Voices: A Celebration of Native American Cultures at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Exhibit attendees may want to check out the Native American Indian presence on the Web. ( /Native_American_Indians/)

GrabNet, a new helper application for Netscape, allows you to cut information from Web pages into other applica tions like word processors. The product, developed by ForeFront Group Inc., is available on the Web. (http:/ /

K-12. Interested in finding educational recources on the Internet for children in kindergarten through high school? Check out the Educator's Internet Companion published by Wentworth Worldwide Media, Inc. (ISBN 0-932577-10-S).

PennNet Passport, our very own guide to neworking at Penn and beyond, was a finalist in the 1995 ACM/SIGUCCS Education and Training Materials Competition. You can pick up a copy of PennNet Passport at the Book Store or view it online at