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PENN PRINTOUT April 1993 - Volume 9:6

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E-Mail Task Force to reconvene

As reported in the September Penn Printout ("E-mail at Penn: The next generation"), a task force drawn from Schools and the central administration met during 1991-92 to make recommendations for a common approach to student electronic mail. The task force recommended use of Elm, conventional terminal-to-host software that was judged easy to learn and inexpensive to operate. Elm is now used widely in SAS, SEAS, and elsewhere. Also recommended, where appropriate, was POP mail, a new class of e-mail software, wherein mail is composed, read, and filed on desktop workstations that communicate with a remote network server using the Post Office Protocol. Data Communications and Computing Services (DCCS) has subsequently offered both Elm and POP for Schools and administrative departments needing a retail service.

The new E-mail Task Force will reconvene starting in May, to

  • Review student, faculty, and staff experience with Elm and POP

  • Assist the smaller schools that are planning new and expanded student e-mail services in FY'94

  • Design a procedure for adding student addresses to the online directory

  • Review the specifications for administrative use of e-mail and related functions, with an eye toward phasing out ALL-IN-1, now widely used in many offices for e-mail, inter-office document transfer, and online calendaring

  • Determine preferred e-mail alternatives and migration plans for different environments, including Macintosh and Novell local area networks

  • Identify a recommended POP client for DOS and/or Windows, to complement Eudora for Macintosh

  • Develop marketing and support plans to ensure implementation of strategic decisions

Codirectors of the Task Force will be Michael Eleey and Daniel Updegrove, Associate Vice Provosts for Information Systems and Computing. Eleey has responsibility for Academic Computing Services, the Computing Resource Center, and the ISC Communications Group. Updegrove is Executive Director of DCCS. Readers interested in participating are encouraged to contact either of the codirectors (eleey@crc or danu@dccs).

Hewlett-Packard site license update

A recent amendment to the University's existing purchase agreement with Hewlett-Packard provides the following discounts on HP workstations and their associated peripherals:

  • 38% for model A2612A 715/33
  • 38% for model A2613A 715/33
  • 45% for model A2627A 715/50
  • 45% for model A2689A 725/50
  • 50% for model A2601A 735
  • 50% for model A2551A 755
Please contact Donna Milici, donna@acs or 898-0426, if you have any questions.