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November 1994 - Volume 11:3

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ISC-recommended networking software

This is the software the ISC recommends you install on your Mac or Windows desktop computer to reach Internet services on and off campus (e.g., e-mail, library catalogs, the OED, departmental Gophers, and remote databases). With an IP network connection you can access network services using powerful desktop "client" software featuring graphical user interfaces. With an asynchronous connection signalled by a Dial or Annex network prompt, you use a single software package known as a terminal emulator, which provides character-based access to network services.

For general networking information, see the PennNet Passport, available for $4 at the Book Store or Wharton Reprographics (see the announcements section for information about the new online version of the Passport). For advice and assistance about recommended software, contact your local support provider, the DCCS Help Desk (898-8171 or help@dccs), or the CRC (898-9085, crc@isc, or drop by the CRC at 3732 Locust Walk).


For IP-connected Macs (Ethernet or SLIP/PPP)

"Drivers" (enable other IP functions)
  TCP/IP "stack"                         MacTCP 2.04
  SLIP/PPP (IP access via modem)         MacSLIP 2.0x

Electronic mail (client/server)          Eudora for Mac 1.3x

File transfer
  FTP transfer                           Fetch 2.1x
  Kermit transfer                        MicroPhone Pro 2.01

Network navigating/browsing
  Gopher browser                         TurboGopher 1.0xb
  Netnews reader                         Newswatcher 2.0bx
  PennInfo browser                       PennInfo 4.1p
  World-Wide Web (WWW) browser           NCSA Mosaic 2.0ax
    WWW audio  player                    SoundMachine 2.1
    WWW video player                     Sparkle 2.1x
    WWW image viewer                     JPEGView 3.3
    WWW PDF file viewer                  Acrobat Reader 1.0

Terminal emulation
  tn3270 emulation                       Comet 3.0x
  vt100 emulation                        MicroPhone Pro 2.01 and 
                                         NCSA Telnet 2.6

For asynchronously connected Macs

File transfer (Kermit)                   MicroPhone Pro 2.01
Terminal emulation (vt100)               MicroPhone Pro 2.01


For IP-connected PCs (Ethernet or SLIP/PPP)

"Drivers" (enable other IP functions)
  TCP/IP "stack"                  Novell's TCPIP.Exe 4.x + assoc files
  SLIP/PPP (IP access via modem)  Novell's SLIP_PPP ODI driver 4.x

Electronic mail (client/server)   PC Eudora 1.4bx and 1.4x

File transfer
  FTP transfer                    WS_FTP 2.x
  Kermit transfer                 MS-Kermit 3.x*

Network navigating/browsing
  Gopher browser                  WinSock Gopher 1.0
  Netnews reader                  Trumpet for Windows 1.1x
  PennInfo browser                PennInfo (TechInfo) for Windows 1.5b
                                  (Only for PennInfo Providers of 
  World-Wide Web (WWW) browser    NCSA Mosaic for Windows 2.0a
    WWW audio  player             MS Win v3.1 Sound Player
    WWW video player              MPEG Player v1.5
    WWW image viewer              LView v3.1
    WWW PDF file viewer           Acrobat Reader 1.0

Terminal emulation
  tn3270 emulation                TCP3270 1.0xb
  vt100 emulation                 Host Presenter (LWP) 4.x*

For asynchronously connected PCs

File transfer (Kermit)            ProComm 2.4.3* and 
                                  MS-Kermit 3.x* (For transferring
                                                  Library records)
Terminal emulation (vt100)        ProComm 2.4.3*

*  MicroPhone Pro for Windows, a commercial product that is expected 
to provide both IP and asynchronous functionality in the near future, 
is being considered for site licensing and support.