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May 1996  Volume 12:6

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Random Bits

At Elm's index screen you can view a sender's e-mail address without opening the message. Simply highlight the message and press <Shift-%>.

Upgrading to System 7.5.3? Mac PowerBook users must disable "sleep" mode in the PowerBook control panel before installing the upgrade. Otherwise the Mac will "fall asleep" during the installation and damage the system software.

The home page of the West Philadelphia Landscape Project, a Penn-based action research program integrating research, teaching, and community service, points to the West Philadelphia Landscape Plan, a photo gallery, a selection of maps from the West Philadelphia Digital Atlas, and other resources of interest to both local residents and researchers (

If you're using the MS-DOS editor to edit a file such as config.sys or autoexec.bat, press Ctrl-y to to erase an entire line.

FinMIS, the University's new Financial Information Management System, will be implemented on July 1. Users of the new system must complete training before being granted access. See the March 1996 issue of "The Bottom Line" newsletter for details.

Want to hear your e-mail? According to the Wall Street Journal (May 25/96), Motorola has a new service that can check your e-mail and convert it into a voice message you can hear over the phone. The service will also be able to send and receive faxes, and by next year should be able to convert a voice message into e-mail.

Books in Print, featuring powerful keyword searching, has been added to the Library's collection of online databases. Updated weekly, it includes current, forthcoming, and recently discontinued titles. For searching assistance, type help booksinprint labels after accessing the Books in Print database.

Considering an LCD video projector? Keep in mind that they are limited to 640x480 resolution. Some models accept higher resolution signals and employ scan conversion to force the input signal down into the LCD's range. Before buying, look carefully at the quality of scan converted pictures because noticeable distortion may result.

For information on Penn's data warehouse and how to use it, see the Data Warehouse link at http://www/

A selection of computing newsletters published by universities can be accessed from Check the Colleagues link and send the URLs of other newsletters you like to

A survey by International Data Corp. of 20 companies that sell over the Internet and operate some of the largest commerce sites reveals that they spent from $840,000 to $1.5 million to set up their sites. The cost was typically four times greater than expected.

The Switchboard directory at provides access to 90 million residential and 10 million business listings drawn from published sources such as U.S. phone books and directories. Anyone with an e-mail account can delete or edit one residential listing online.

To use Netscape to read newsgroups, you need to enter (the address of Penn's news server) as a Mail and News preference under the Options menu.