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October 1996  -  Volume 13:2


Less Print - More Surf
Printout-Almanac Digest

Printout-Almanac Digest

Printout moves (mostly) Online

Penn Printout debuted as an insert to Almanac on September 11, 1984, went solo in September 1990, and now returns to the Almanac fold. Why? Information Systems and Computing wants to integrate computing news more tightly into the computing web as we revamp the central computing pages. The Almanac partnership allows us to inform a wide readership about resources and documents that are developed primarily for the web. Penn's not quite ready for the paperless society yet, but it's clear that we're all ready to do at least a little less printing out and a little more surfing.

This page is our web version of the monthly Printout/Almanac Digest replete with hyperlinks to the resources discussed below. Penn Printout Online is also used as a vehicle to post news bulletins and alerts. If you'd like to receive e-mail notifying you that the online Printout has been updated, send a request to -- please be sure to include your full e-mail address.

Electronic calendars

Looking for a computing course, seminar, or workshop? Check these online resources.

Educom96 at Penn

Penn hosts Educom's 1996 conference on "Information Technology: Transcending Traditional Boundaries" at the Philadelphia Convention Center (October 8-11, 1996). See the Educom96 page for information -- or check ISC's Educom96:  Cross-University Information Technology Initiatives page.

Modem Alert

Did you catch the recent modem alert? If not, check out the changes to the modem pool service.

What's new in the computing web?

The computing publications and documentation"page on the computing web ( contains links to the following new or updated publications.

Other new or updated resources in the computing web include:

What's new at the Penn Libraries?

Web pages developed for Van Pelt College House (by S. Morgan Friedman) "Van Pelt in Van Pelt" look at the Penn Library Web from a student point of view. Check the Libraries' "What's New" page to visit this link, as well as find up-to-date information on the latest additions to the Library web.