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January 1997  -  Volume 13:5


Open Transport
by John J. Mulhern III

Tips for the new year
by ISC Staff

Printout-Almanac Digest

Modem update

Penn has taken the following steps to alleviate the number of busy signals that users receive when dialing-in to PennNet. All modems in the 60-minute PPP pool (573-4777) and the 30-minute express PPP pool (573-9773) are now capable of speeds up to 33.6 Kbps. Further details can be found on the web page "Planning for Remote Access to PennNet via Modem".

Penn DCANet Dialup Program

For-fee dial-up access to PennNet and the Internet is now available to the Penn community. The University has contracted with DCANet, a local Internet provider, to offer Penn users a full range of services and support at very attractive rates. The highlights of the Penn DCANet Dialup Program are: While the program provides an attractive alternative to those who wish to avoid Penn modem pool busy signals and session limits, or who have been paying long-distance charges to access PennNet, it does not currently permit access to all University services. FinMIS, NetNews via a graphical client, some Library services, and some School and departmental services cannot be accessed from a DCANet account. DCANet subscribers will need to dial in to a Penn modem pool whenever they need to access such services. Because the DCANet service and Penn's modem services use the same PPP software, switching among services is easy. NetNews access to Penn newsgroups from DCANet is currently possible by telnetting to a Penn host computer and then using a host-based newsreader, such as tin.

Penn users can sign up for the Penn DCANet Dialup Program from DCANet's Web site. Those who cannot sign up online should contact DCANet at 302/654-1019 or A PennNet Network ID and password are required in order to sign up. Software and documentation are distributed at the CRC, 3732 Locust Walk. Technical support is provided by DCANet; please see the DCANet Web site for details and additional information.

ISC support services

ISC has reorganized and renamed several of its support services.

Penn Printout Online

See Penn Printout Online for an article about Open Transport, as well as a page of tips -- including how to get Netscape to print the URL of the page you are viewing when you print text; tips from ISC First Call from their frequently asked questions file; and a pointer to the newest additions to the web from the Penn Web Providers Team.