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February 1997  -  Volume 13:6


Library's web-enabled CD-ROM
by Adam Corson-Finnerty

New and improved: Mac OS 7.6
by John J. Mulhern III

Speed bumps: 56 kbs modems
by Don Montabana

All graphics in this issue of the Printout Online are from the Library's "Exhibition Sampler" CD-ROM. The sampler disk is the focus of Adam Corson-Finnerty's discussion in Printout's feature story on web-enabled CD-ROMs.

Printout-Almanac Digest

Restructuring ISC

Information Systems and Computing recently announced the first results of its restructuring effort by detailing changes in organizations reporting to Associate Vice Provost Mike Eleey. The latest results include the following unit reorganizations.

ISC Administrative Information Technologies, headed by Associate Vice President Robin Beck, works with University clients to acquire, develop, and maintain core business systems. It consults with University clients on the re-design of business processes and the application of technology to facilitate business change and meet business requirements. It works with University clients to enable the exchange of data between School-based or department-based systems with core University systems and works to appropriately make available access to University data. Contact: beck@isc or 898-3028.

ISC Computer Operations, headed by Executive Director Ray Davis, provides production processing and operational support for the University's administrative systems. It offers facilities management services for Schools and departments. Ray is also Acting Director of ISC Software Engineering, which maintains the operating systems and database environments for the University's core administrative systems. It provides services to control access to systems and data. Contact: davisr@isc or 898-6398.

ISC's Data Communications and Computing Services (DCCS) has changed its name to ISC Networking. ISC Networking, headed by Co-Executive Directors Noam Arzt and Michael Palladino, operates PennNet and its Internet gateways, provides remote access services via modem, and installs departmental connections to the network. ISC Networking provides a set of network services, including World Wide Web, navigation tools for the Internet, NetNews (an international electronic bulletin board), and an online e-mail directory. Consulting on local area networks, including Novell and AppleTalk, is available. ISC Networking offers electronic mail for faculty and staff who do not otherwise have access. ISC Networking operates the Penn Video Network, available from numerous academic buildings, and ResNet data and video networks in the residence halls. Contact: arzt@isc, mikep@isc, or 898-2883.

An overview of all ISC units can be found on the web, as well as a list of key contacts.

Fee-based modem services

Last month's Printout, distributed a week before faculty and students returned from the holiday break, announced the availability of fee-based dial-up access to PennNet and the Internet for the Penn community. The University contracted with DCANet, a local Internet provider, to offer Penn users a full range of services and support at very attractive rates. Check DCANet's web pages for details about the Penn DCANet Dialup Program.

Penn Web survey results

The results of November's Penn Web survey have been posted.

With nearly 2,000 responses, the survey provides a statistically meaningful and highly functional profile of Penn Web users, their habits, preferences, and opinions. The summary report includes links, in context, to relevant supporting data, including statistical analysis and the text of respondent comments. Those involved in decision making about web sites, as well as those involved in technical and content development, will find much to help them meet audience needs.

Computing web page

A new computing page will be available mid-March. The new page is planned to provide links to: Your input and suggestions are invited. Contact editors@isc.

Penn Printout Online

Adam Corson-Finnerty discusses the Library's Exhibitions Sampler CD-ROM in his article on web-enabled CDs in this month's Penn Printout Online. The watercolor fragment at the top of the Digest, by Robert Montgomer Bird, is included on the CD, as are all the other graphics used in this issue of the Printout Online.

Articles featured in the February Penn Printout Online include a preview of Apple's new OS 7.6, a heads-up on new high-speed (modems and microprocessors) technology.