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March 1997  -  Volume 13:7


Major changes to Franklin and Library databases
by Paul H. Mosher

Microsoft Office 97 preview
by John J. Mulhern III and Diane Fink

All graphics in this issue of the Printout Online are from the Library's Online Exhibit: John W. Mauchly and the Development of the ENIAC Computer.

Printout-Almanac Digest

Updated computing web

Several new features and services designed to improve access to computing information on the Penn Web were put in place last weekend.

Many computing pages were updated and some outdated material was removed. Of particular interest, please note:


The URL of the main computing page ( will not change. Although Information Systems and Computing's home page will move to, the old URL ( will function as an alias for the new home.

To help users locate information that has been reorganized in the computing web, a new "document not found" page was created. If a document moved to a known location, the new URL will be displayed and linked. If no link is available, try the search page, the new services page, or select the link to send e-mail notification to the editors. The Penn community is invited to participate in the computing web by providing feedback, suggesting links to relevant computing resources from any of the current set of pages, working with the computing web team to improve this resource (Contact:

Penn Printout Online

Paul Mosher, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, previews major changes coming this summer for Franklin (the Penn Libraries online catalog) and several other databases in the March edition of the Penn Printout Online. The move from mainframe technology to client/server technology promises many long-term benefits.

Also included are an advance look at Microsoft Office 97 by John Mulhern III and Diane Fink; coming soon will be an overview of the Gartner intraWeb.

Please note that the URL of the Penn Printout Online has changed to