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The bulleted issues are web editions of Penn Printout. If an issue is also available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, it will be listed parenthetically. For more information about Acrobat and PDF, see the Acrobat Reader page. All issues listed below are searchable.

Volume 13
September 1996 - May 1997

April 1997 (V13:8)
Feature stories about the Gartner intra Web, macro viruses, and computer keyboard shortcuts. Printout-Almanac Digest includes: an announcement of James J. O'Donnell's appointment to VP for Information Systems and Computing, a network advisory for PCs connecting to Novell Netware servers, a reminder to faculty and students to sign off from listserv discusson groups over the summer, and an update on search tools for the Penn Web.

March 1997 (V13:7)
Feature stories about major changes to Franklin and Library databases, and Microsoft Office 97. Printout-Almanac Digest includes: a description of the new computing web, including updated features and services and particular pages of interest.

February 1997 (V13:6)
Feature stories about Apple's new Mac OS 7.6, high-speed modem and MMX technology, and the Library's web-enabled Exhibition Sampler CD-ROM. Printout-Almanac Digest includes: an update on restructuring ISC and pointers to the Penn DCANet Dialup Program, Penn Web survey results, and a new Penn computing web prototype.

January 1997 (V13:5)
Feature story about Open Transport and a series of tips for the new year. Printout-Almanac Digest includes: an update on additions to central modem pools; announcement of the Penn DCANet Dialup Program, and announcement of ISC support services reorganization.

December 1996 (V13:4)
Feature story about the web-based resources from the Center for Electronic Text &. Printout-Almanac Digest includes:  an update from the Penn Web Team; announcement Facilities Management site containing the Penn Campus Map; changes to the online directory including a new online input form for faculty/staff changes to phone directory; announcement of Penn Web survey prize winners; an update on computing restructuring at Penn.

November 1996 (V13:3)
Feature stories about the Library's General BusinessFile and the latest developments in HTML 3.2. Printout-Almanac Digest includes:  a review of Penn web resources; announcement of classroom renovations.

October 1996 (V13:2)
Printout-Almanac Digest includes:  a review of what's new in the ISC computing web; pointers to electronic calendar pages, Educom96 conference pages, and the Libraries "What's New" page.

September 1996 (V13:1)
Printout-Almanac Digest includes:  announcement of Modem service changes taking effect on October 1, including new express service and time limits on modem pools.

Volume 12
October 1995 - April 1996  (Index)

May 1996 (V12:6)
Feature stories include: Breaking the box, A new model for computing services across Penn, Moves for Patton and Updegrove, Rightsizing Mac application memory, Web search tools, and I am curious yellow (or why color on the web is all #FFFFFF'ed up). (This issue is also available as a 1.0 MB PDF file.)

April 1996 (V12:5)
Feature stories include: Sacred conversation, Bringing the network home, FileMaker pro 3.0, Transferring files to a new mac, Web-based journals, Netscape 2.0, and Windows 95. (This issue is also available as a 0.8 MB PDF file.)

March 1996 (V12:4)
Feature stories include: ENIAC's golden anniversary, Abacus to ENIAC, ENIAC-on-a chip, Crackpot notions, John W. Mauchly, Birthday card to ENIAC, Cybersociety 2046, ENIAC's recessive gene, Jack, and Media power. (This issue is also available as a 2.3 MB PDF file.)

December 1995 (V12:3)
Feature stories include: Publishing in the internet age, New media at Penn, Penn's new online directory, and Dialog at the Penn libraries. (This issue is also available as a 2.3 MB PDF file.)

November 1995 (V12:2)
Feature stories include: Spike, Accessing the Penn web, Birds of a feather, Read the documentation!, Campus computing lab details, Z39.50 at the Penn Library, and ISC site license program update. (This issue is also available as a 1.0 MB PDF file.)

October 1995 (V12:1)
Feature stories include: Change, Computing help on campus, ISC-supported Networking software, Campus computing lab map, Desktop computing standards, Britannica online, and Vendor directory. (This issue is also available as a 1.0 MB PDF file.)

Volume 11
September 1994 - April 1995  (Index)

April 1995 (V11:6)
Feature stories include: The virtual university, Technoliteracy, Wharton's research data system, ResNet, Alumni Pennnet service, Data warehouse, Alternatives for off-campus net access, Latin American news on the internet, and ISC-supported products list. (This issue is also available as a 1.0 MB PDF file.)

March 1995 (V11:5)
Feature stories include: Teaching with technology, E-mail task force update, SLIP and PPP, LibertyNet, and The cyberlibrary. (This issue is also available as a 1.2 MB PDF file.)

February 1995 (V11:4)
Feature stories include: E-mail for the "small schools" on dolphin, Desktop standards, Unlocking internet file formats, Penn video network, Upgrades (System 7.5, Word 6.0, and Excel 5.0), Dow Jones News/Retrieval, and Voicemail at Penn. (This issue is also available as a 1.3 MB PDF file.)

November 1994 (V11:3)
Feature stories include: Frankenstein revealed, Project Cornerstone, OED online, Disaster recovery, Working from home, African route on the web, and Recommended networking software. (This issue is also available as a 1.5 MB PDF file.)

October 1994 (V11:2)
Feature stories include: Hot lynx, A provost's vision, Tin, Ovid Medline, Campus computer lab details, OncoLink cancer resource, and renew your PennNet Passport. (This issue is also available as a 1.8 MB PDF file.)

September 1994 (V11:1)
Feature stories include: The unchained library, Printout reader survey results, Computing help on campus, Vendor white pages, Acrobatic network, Read the documentation!, E-mail update, Campus computing labs map, and ISC site license agreements update. (This issue is also available as a 1.8 MB PDF file.)

Volume 10
September 1993 - April 1994

April 1994 (V10:6)
Feature stories include: CD-ROM: a three part survey, Seven strategies for the future, Migrating to multimedia electronic mail, PennBack remote backup service, and LAN workplace for DOS - and windows. (This issue is also available as a 1.3 MB PDF file.)

Mar 1994 (V10:5)
Feature stories include: Computing in the classroom, Penn in-touch, The idea of the university, ISC fiscal 1995 pricing, Jump into hyperspace, and Upcoming on Penndata.

February 1994 (V10:4)
Feature stories include: E-mail seminars on the Internet, My man newton, PennExpertise, ENIAC 1996, Operating system tips and tricks, Crossing the client/server threshold, Birds of a feather, The judgment of Solomon, Penn Printout reader survey, and Beware AppleShare.

November 1993 (V10:3)
Feature stories include: Wordperfect 6.0 for DOS, E-mail insecurity, ResNet report card, Operating systems tips and tricks, and Gopher goes to the library.

October 1993 (V10:2)
Feature stories include: NetNews, ISC's statement of direction, AppleTalk across Penn, Eureka, Penn's online directory, High-tech buzzwords, Microsoft's DOS 6.0, Technology learning services, and Campus computer lab details.

September 1993 (V10:1)
Feature stories include: Where to find computing help on campus, Maple: calculus for the rest of us, University policy on ethical behavior, Universal e-mail moves forward, Vendor support numbers, Current Contents at the library, ISC-coordinated site license agreements, PennInfo is surf'n the Internet, and Computer Connection - one stop technology shopping. (This issue is also available as a 1.8 MB PDF file.)

Volume 9
September 1992 - April 1993

April 1993 (V9:6)
Feature stories include: Students get wired, Choosing a computer in a crazy market, UNIX workstation maintenance, A consumer guide to PennNet access, Ten things you can do to protect your data, Cornerstone, Making sense of modems, and Lexis/Nexis.

March 1993 (V9:5)
Feature stories include: How to choose a notebook computer, Laser printing at UMIS, PennBack remote bakup service, Mainframes and Micros, Microsoft Word 5.1, Library information on aging, and When your hard disk fails.

February 1993 (V9:4)
Feature stories include: Navigating the Internet, Information technology forecasting project, 1990 census data products at Penn, Engines of change, PennInfo update, and The mighty LAN.

November 1992 (V9:3)
Feature stories include: Using Persuasion, The Libraries Wilson Index, Microsoft Excel 4.0, Windows 3.1, and SLIP.

October 1992 (V9:2)
Feature stories include: E-mail at Penn, Guarding aginst computer viruses, Campus computer lab details, ISC site license agreements, Property Management System, and Word 5.0.

September 1992 (V9:1)
Feature stories include: Computing support in the schools, ISC: who we are and what we do, Computing in the School of Arts and Sciences, Vendor support numbers, PennNet today and tomorrow, PennNet residential, Map of computer labs on campus, Franklin's new face, Learning at your fingertips, UMIS brings Penn's business home, and An introduction to the University Data Center.

Volume 8
September 1991 - April 1992

April 1992 (V8:7)
Feature stories include: The future of Penn's online catalog, How to stay on the right side of the software license law, How to connect to PennNet from home, Online lessons, Streamlining access to student financial information, Choosing a windows-capable system, and PennNet parity explained.

March 1992 (V8:6)
Feature stories include: Laptop computers, Internet resources: Anonymous ftp, PennInfo provider of information training, Wordperfect 5.1 for Windows, Philadelphia's daily press on CD-ROM at the Library, Choosing a Mac, and Ingres at work at Penn.

February 1992 (V8:5)
Feature stories include: Client/server computing for the 1990s, Sharing the mainframe, Making the most of PennInfo, File exchange between Macs and pc's, Franklin keyword hints, Expanded learning opportunities from the CRC, Tips on using Wordperfect's mail merge feature, Creating and using aliases in Macintosh System 7, and Computing accommodations for the disabled.

November 1991 (V8:3)
Feature stories include: Working with e-mail, TrueType, Administrative printing, Franklin update, Dial a grade, Analyzing administrative disaster preparedness, CRC support resources for Microsoft Windows, Windows memory management, System 7, and Lippincott Library's machine-readable files.

October 1991 (V8:2)
Feature stories include: Penninfo goes live!, Scholars on the net, Cooperative processing, Windows 3.0, System 7, Computers in archaeology at the university museum, amd Alpha Four: database management for the pc.

September 1991 (V8:1)
Feature stories include: Computing help on campus, ISC: who we are and what we do, CRC supported products, Computing videos at the Movie Ticket, Campus-wide site licenses, PennNet passwords, Electronic services from Penn Libraries, and Networking products qualified.