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On behalf of Information Systems and Computing (ISC), Penn's central computing organization, welcome to the University of Pennsylvania's information technology staff! There's little doubt you'll find your time here both interesting and rewarding. Of course, with all things rewarding, there's usually a challenge - and getting oriented in an environment as large as Penn can certainly be a challenge. That's where we come in...

General Orientation Sessions

In an effort to paint a clear picture of the overall IT landscape at Penn, ISC offers several general orientation sessions open to all IT Staff at the University. Sessions are held two to three times a year.

The next General Orientation Session is: September 2013
To reserve your seat for any of the IT Orientation sessions, please register using
and search for “IT Orientation”

The sessions cover some of the core IT services provided by ISC, like networking and support for IT professionals, as well as important policies and the way we make decisions at Penn. We'll also give you plenty of information on groups you can join to network with other IT professionals, share the knowledge you bring to Penn, and outline some of the opportunities to build your skill set through training and development. Although the agenda changes a bit each time, here's an example of some of the folks you may hear from at an upcoming general session:

  • Vice President of Information Technology and CIO
  • ISC Information Security Officer
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • ISC Networking and Telecommunications
  • ISC Client Services Group
  • ISC Technology Support Services

Follow-up Sessions

Follow-up sessions cover important, but less time sensitive, information about Penn's computing policies, projects and structures.

To reserve your seat for any of the IT Orientation sessions, please register using and search for “IT Orientation”


Contact the IT Orientation team at


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