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Link Help Desks Across Campus Pilot Project Project

Activities & Meeting Minutes

  • Current - The project has moved from the pilot stage and is currently in production. We continue to evaluate campus needs and modify the Apriori configuration as needed.
  • November-December, 1996 - Continued focus on automation of client data updates. Performed a successful stress test on the system. Determined hardware updates necessary to expand pilot to other groups. Documentation subgroup is working on indexes and review processes.
  • September-October, 1996 - Apriori is moved into production at the ISC First Call help desk and for the knowledgebase at the SAS help desk. The team continues to fine tune the Apriori configuration and track usage.
  • June-July, 1996 - The team completes preparation and demonstrates product for project's executive sponsors. Discussions focus on client data needed for the Apriori database.
  • May, 1996 - The team continues configuration and testing of the Apriori system and prepares for preliminary product demonstrations.
  • April, 1996 - A consultant from Answer Systems (the developer of Apriori) ison campus for an on-site consultation. This visit is scheduled after twoteam members successfully complete a three-day Apriori training course.

  • March 4, 1997 - Discussed database changes to handle affiliation data. Results of steering committee meeting.
  • January 7, 1997 - Reviewed status of Apriori demos for potential users, disk upgrades, addition of customer affiliation data, and documentation quality assurance. Our next focus is recommendations for moving from the pilot to production.
  • November 26, 1996 - Discussed capacity issues and documentation next steps.
  • September 24, 1996 - Discussed issues of performance, people data extracts, updates, and next steps.
  • September 10, 1996 - Reviewed status of client data and updates, Apriori performance, additional issues
  • July 16, 1996 - Discussed possibilities for client data, Reviewed initial demo
  • June 11, 1996 - Discussed needs and next steps for demonstrations, Team will coordinate with ISC for client data to import to Apriori
  • May 14, 1996 - Reschedule Apriori visit, Plan for Apriori demonstrations, Discussed client data, Project plan status
  • May 7, 1996 - Reviewed project plan and status of items, Demonstration of incident & document creation
  • April23, 1996 - Status updates on project plan
  • April16, 1996 - Reviewed project plan, Review of Apriori implementation training class, Schedule for Apriori campus visit
  • April9, 1996 - Discussed of client data, Discussed of document index structure, Plan for Apriori campus visit
  • April2, 1996 - Project task assignments, Central configuration decisions
  • March26, 1996 - Review of steering committee presentation, Review of Apriori implementation class
  • March19, 1996 - Continue review of current processes, Discussed pilot charge document
  • March12, 1996 - Continue review of current processes
  • March5, 1996 - Reviewed current processes and developed list of other processes
  • February27, 1996 - Discussed the affinity analysis Project Scope section with relation to the Pilot draft document, Discussed the revised pilot draft
  • February20, 1996 - Discussed the roles of the Apriori administrators, Discussed the Pilot Draft
  • February13, 1996 - Lessons Learned from Princeton site visit, Brainstorming to identify important issues for implementation plan
  • February6, 1996 - Discussed project decription, Plans for visit to Princeton University
  • February1, 1996 - Initial meeting - Team Introductions, Review of team rules and responsibilities, History of Apriori project and Restructuring Computing at Penn
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