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Services for Local Providers Pilot Project - Overview Services specifically for local providers of computing add strength to the campus-wide system of computing support. These services are aimed at creating infrastructure for support provided locally. The emphasis is on helping solve problems locally, or, better yet, keeping problems from happening in the first place. The services are meant to complement and enable frontline support, not to substitute for it. The services encourage standards; the availability of good second-tier support for campus-standard products should serve as an incentive for units to adopt those standards.

Clients. The clients of these services are local providers, campus-wide process teams, and other information technology professionals. End users are not generally direct clients.

Links. The people who provide these services will almost always have other operational duties as well. They are experts because of those other responsibilities. Synergy with campus-wide development of standards is particularly strong.

Status. As local providers take on full responsibility for frontline support, they themselves will need more support. ISC, in turn, will devote more effort to services for local providers as it moves away from frontline support. A pilot team is working with the Penn community to reconceive ISC's portfolio of services for local providers. In the fall of 1996 the team will inventory existing services, assess client needs and priorities, identify best practices elsewhere, and recommend organizational and funding strategies. Implementation is expected in the spring of 1997.

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