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Services for Providers Convention - 1 October 1997

Attached is a first pass at highlights from the Super User Group Support Providers Convention held on October 1. The goal was to conduct needs assessment focus group sessions to find out what kind of support local providers want from ISC in order to do their jobs effectively.

About 25 SUG members from multiple schools and departments participated in the focus group sessions. These 25 members held a variety of positions in their local organizations, including helpdesk support, LAN manager, lab manager, support manager, and computing director. We're pleased with the broad representative sample of SUG participants.

The data will help us move forward in making sure ISC provides the most-needed services for local support providers. At the November 10 SUG meeting, we will report back to the group on what we heard, to get a reality check and to see if there are any major gaps. The next step is to look at prioritization and make determinations about what services will be delivered through allocated costs and what will be delivered for fee.

Notes from Focus Sessions
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Network Operations

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