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Task Force to Restructure Computing across Penn

22 October 1995

Stanley Chodorow (Provost)
John Fry (Executive Vice President)

Jim O'Donnell (School of Arts and Sciences)
Peter C. Patton (Information Systems and Computing)

Carl Abramson (Information Systems and Computing)
Noam Arzt (Information Systems and Computing)
Mark Aseltine (Graduate School of Fine Arts)
Robin Beck (Information Systems and Computing)
Eric Clemons (Wharton School)
Wilson Dillaway (Library)
Mike Eleey (Information Systems and Computing)
Al Filreis (School of Arts and Sciences)
Jim Galbally (School of Dental Medicine)
Ben Goldstein (School of Arts and Sciences)
Janet Gordon (Office of the Executive Vice President)
Pat Harker (School of Engineering)
Martin Harris (School of Medicine)
Bob Hollebeek (School of Arts and Sciences)
Liz Kelly (School of Law)
Michael Klein (School of Arts and Sciences)
Mark Liberman (School of Arts and Sciences)
Gerry McCartney (Wharton School)
Katie McGee (School of Arts and Sciences)
Linda May (Information Systems and Computing)
Donna Milici (Information Systems and Computing)
Steve Murray (Office of the Executive Vice President)
Bob Pallone (Development)
Warren Seider (School of Engineering)
Susan Shaman (Office of the Provost)
Al Shar (School of Medicine)
John Smolen (University Life)
Lyle Ungar (School of Engineering)
Dan Updegrove (Information Systems and Computing)
Frank Warner (School of Arts and Sciences)
Ira Winston (School of Engineering)

Project manager
Linda May (Information Systems and Computing)

Project consultants
Lynn Oppenheim (Center for Applied Research)
Mario Moussa (Center for Applied Research)

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