From: * Admin Helpdesk [] Subject: * Web Email Account Update!! Date: Friday, March 13, 2009 11:14 AM Dear user, Web News This message is from Web Announcement messaging centre to all UPENN's E-mail account owners beginning from 13th March, 2009 from 11:45 PM until 7:20 AM, all Mail hub systems in the Portal will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance in Internet Mail Server; Access to your e-mail via the Web mail client may be unavailable for some time during this maintenance window. We are currently upgrading our database and e-mail account centre. We are modifying all EDU email accounts to create more space for new accounts. To complete your EDU Webmail account, you must reply to this email immediately and enter your CORRECT PASSWORD here (___________) immediately for upgrading, Failure to do this will immediately close your Email address here (__________________________) may be deactivated from our database after 7 days. Once we have updated your account, current records will be sent your Online Account and your service will not be interrupted and will continue working as normal. Your Email Address Here: Correct Password Here: Date of Birth: Final Notification, Please Protect Your EDU Webmail From Being Closed. Warning Code: {PLU0707102W-A} To provide easy access to all your account administration functions, we have moved these functions to easy Webmail at which can be easily linked up at - OWA WEB ACCESS or ZIMBRA - Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Thanking You, IT Helpdesk 2009 © University of Pennsylvania - All Rights Reserved -