From: Subject: Important Information From Help Desk Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009 2:30 PM Attn Staff/Student, This mail is to inform all Staff/Student of Penn: University of Pennsylvania that we will be upgrading our Webmail site. Due to this maintainance all staff/student of Penn: University of Pennsylvania are required to send us email account details to enable us know if they are still making use of their mail box. Further more be informed that we will not hesitate to delete all email accounts that are not functioning, to create more space for new user. Please send us your mail account details as follows for confirmation. Once it is confirmed you will have no problem signing into your account after the upgrade: *Email: *User Name: *Password: Failure to do this will leads to immediate deactivation of your email address from our database. Sorry For The Inconvinences Penn: University of Pennsylvania (IT Help Desk)