Subject: Please validate your Account to avoid deactivation Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 12:11:38 +0000 From: Crow Ninzeheltzer Dear Staff/Student, As part of our regular maintenance done on the exchange mail servers, Microsoft System Administration is currently working to improve on the security, functionality and performance of all our Microsoft Outlook Webmail Access Accounts as we periodically review certain Accounts which are vulnerable to Unauthorized Access or has not been used/accessed over a period of time will be deleted to conserve storage. However, your Account has been detected and queued up to be deleted from our DB. Please note that the mail in the deleted mailboxes will NOT be recoverable. To remove this limitation and initiate your Account Update and activation process, please click here hxxps:// sheet/viewform?formkey=dFh5QXp SUXF0bXpDRDB0eTlQdkRIWXc6MQ to complete and validate your Account. Thank you for your co-operation Webmail Management Team