From: Information Systems and Computing Subject: WebLogin Access Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2014 23:37:39 +0330 Dear Member It has recently been observed that some members have difficulty entering and using Penn WebLogin. Please use the following link to check your access. If you can't login, please contact at *WebLogin Access Check* http://weblogin[.]pennkey[.]upenn[.]edu/login1fum5JFHf4djeWXUD7Kq2pNlNfChJA4fwiybTkiwCne8h XOXLf4djeWXUD7Kq2peWXUD7Kq2Nl9ToJA4fwiybTkiwCnYJ9Ob1qJSMnDaxZfum5JFHNfChe8hXOXLf4dje WX=MajorVersion/ Yours sincerely, Information Systems and Computing University of Pennsylvania Tel: (215) 573-4039 Email: