From: Penn Online Subject: Verify your email - - Date: 2014-05-01 18:48 GMT+02:00 This email has been sent to: Our systems have detected an unusual high volume email traffic from this email address in the past few hours. Email sent from: -------------------------------- Total Email sent in 24hrs: 6,881 -------------------------------- Time: 2014-04-30 T 06:10:26Z -------------------------------- IP address: -------------------------------- Country: Indonesia -------------------------------- We believe this is not you sending these unsolicited emails. We have reason to believe that, this email is no longer in use and therefore, we will pass this message around a few times and afterwards, suspend access to this email address and terminate this service to quarantine this activity. You are required to confirm your email to mitigate this issue and put a stop to these actions *What To Do?* You are required to confirm the validity of your email to mitigate this issue and put a stop to these actions. Please, follow the instruction below accordingly: Click on the link below: Link: VERIFY EMAIL Login with your UNI ID contained in the email when prompted to verify your account. You will be notified when your update is successful. Thank you! ----------------------------------- Mail Administration | IT Solutions University of Pennsylvania