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Planning a Move or an Upgrade

Coordinating an equipment move or upgrade (and sometimes both!) for a large group of people can be a daunting task. ISC Networking and Telecommunications recommends that you contact our Service Desk to assist with large moves of your data, voice, and video equipment. Our Project Leaders are available to guide you through the move and are ready to offer suggestions if you would like service upgrades in your new location.

Review All Communication Networks Needs

Wallplates offer connectivity to three major communications services: data, voice, and video services. Before you place an order for voice service at a new location:

  • Check with coworkers to determine whether they will also need new PennNet Leaving Voice website data service or Penn Video Network Leaving Voice website video service.
  • If possible, examine the physical locations where you plan to install outlets to determine if any outlets already exist.
  • Review our wallplate diagrams Leaving Voice website to better understand your network service options.

Meet with an N&T Project Leader

Our project leaders will work with you to determine not only your voice service needs, but also your data and video service networking needs, too. Start preparing for your first meeting by gathering together basic information about your move:

  • What is the lead time?
  • Is your move temporary or permanent?
  • Is your department or organization expanding or merging with another group?
  • What equipment does your group currently use, and where is each set located?
  • Will your service and equipment needs will change once you move?
  • What equipment will you need in your new location, and where will each set be located within the office space?


  • N&T recommends PennNet Phone service for all new telephone installations.  We do acknowledge that there are times when traditional service may be the best service for specific business functions. N&T can help you determine which phone service best fits your needs.

  • Old equipment such as Eagle and Extrom phones can not be relocated. If your group currently uses this type of equipment, you will need to choose new phone equipment.

Organize Your Voice Equipment Needs

It may help for you to develop a spreadsheet with voice service and equipment information specific to each person who is moving. Set up columns that record:

  • User first and last names
  • Phone numbers they use
  • Current phone location (bldg and room number)
  • Current type of phone
  • Intercom number (if used)
  • Whether voicemail service is used

Also set up columns for new equipment and new location information. Details should include:

  • New equipment location
  • Whether a user will require new voicemail service
  • What the new wall outlet number will be
  • What type of phone will be used in the new location
  • Whether the phone outlet will also require a data or video port
  • Which budget code will support the new equipment and the new outlet's monthly service charges
You will also need to fill out a keysheet (set diagrams on which you assign features and phone lines to particular buttons) for each multiline phone set.


Page updated on September 18, 2013


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