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Ordering Overview

Before you place an order with Telecommunications Services, you may want to review the information below. You can also go directly to Order Forms to find the form you need (PennKey required).

Only persons authorized by their department or School can request new telephone service or changes in service. If you have questions,contact our Service Desk by calling 746-6000 or writing to

Decide on the Service: PennNet Phone or Traditional Service

Telephone service now comes in two distinct forms: PennNet Phone service and traditional phone service.

PennNet Phone service uses a technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to route voice conversations. The main advantage of VoIP is that it uses the University’s existing IP-based network known as PennNet (the same network you use for email and web access), allowing a more efficient and economic way to process phone calls. The underlying technology also facilitates the roll out of more advanced communications services, like our web based tool known as PPS.  PPS is not available with traditional telephone service.

N&T recommends PennNet Phone service for all new telephone installations.  We do acknowledge that there are times when traditional service may be the best service for specific business functions. N&T can help you determine which phone service best fits your needs. For a comparison of the two services, see the PennNet Phone and Traditional Service Comparison Chart.

Choose Phone Sets

ISC Networking offers several models of handsets, and PennNet Phone service and traditional phone service use different types of handsets.  For a list of features, refer to Phone Sets.

Select Voice Mail Options

PennNet Phone and traditional phone service use different voice mail systems. See Features & Options for a listing of features offered.

Note: The University is migrating to a new voice mail system which will replace the current system which has been in use for more than 10 years. PennNet phones already use this new system. To learn more, see New Voice Mail System Coming.

Assign Class of Service Options (Permissions and Restrictions for Telephone Numbers)

You will be asked to select a network class of service (NCOS) for each telephone number you order. Class of service  controls the types of calls that can be made from the line. For example, lines can be restricted to permit only domestic (no international dialing) calls, calls within the Philadelphia area, or calls made to other on-campus extensions. By selecting these codes wisely, you can easily protect your phone lines from costly, unauthorized calls.

Note: N&T also recommends that you periodically audit your monthly phone bill. Make sure you recognize each phone line and that you know which lines serve fax machines, modems, fire alarms, and emergency phones. For questions regarding your phone bill, contact


Page updated on September 18, 2013

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