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Correct Incorrect Line Locations

Step Three : Correct Incorrect Line Locations is step three in a process to review your voice services monthly statements. Go to the Overview page for a summary of the full process.

To correct incorrect line locations, send a list of the lines with locations to be corrected to ISC Billing at The easiest way to do this is to create a spreadsheet with 3 columns:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Correct Building
    • You may use either the building's actual address or the building's 3-character code.
  3. Correct Room
    • This description could be as simple as the correct room number.
    • For some lines, you may also want to include information about the service the line supports (i.e. "2nd Floor Fax Machine").
    • If many offices exist in a single suite, adding office location detail is helpful.
    • It is not recommended that you include the user's name in this field. We have found that over time as lines move from person to person, this information becomes more confusing than helpful.

A Sample Spreadsheet


Please allow time for the billing change. Request a confirmation email in your initial request if you would like to be apprised of when the changes have been made.

For Step Four in the full process to Review Your Monthly Voice Statement, go to the Update Budget Code and Equipment Information page.



Page updated on September 21, 2009


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