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Locate Tough to Find Phone Lines

Step Two: Locate Tough to Find Phone Lines is step two in a process to review your voice services monthly statements. Go to the Overview page for a summary of the full process.

To locate those lines that you have called ten times to no avail and none of your staff recognize them, you will need to contact our Customer Service (CS) Team.

  • Send an email to the CS Team explaining that you have phone lines listed on your bill that you would like to locate. Include the list of lines you can not locate with the email.
  • Ask the CS Team to suspend the lines, arranging to have this done on a date that suits your department. Suspending the lines leaves them physically in place, but makes them inactive. Anyone trying to use a suspended line will find the line without dial tone. (You will want to search for hard to locate lines during a non-peak work period for your department.)
  • Prepare your department staff by sending out an email letting them know that you have arranged for lines on your bill that can not be located to be suspended. Ask staff who find a suspended line to report the missing dial tone to you. When they report the missing dial tone, ask for the location of the phone line so you can add it to your recordkeeping. For each of these lines you will also want to request that the CS Team remove the line from its suspended state. This will return the needed line to full working order.
  • While lines are suspended, they are still being billed to you, so it is important to set a deadline for deciding whether to disconnect them or remove them from their suspended state. During the school year, two weeks is a reasonable period to suspend lines before deciding to disconnect them. Over the summer when some staff take longer vacations, you may choose a longer period for suspending the lines.
  • Please keep in mind that some of the phone lines on your bill may support elevator phones, hallway phones, or panic alarms. If you request that one of these lines be disconnected, the CS Team will tell you if it is marked as an emergency line in our records. Still, you may want to double-check these safety phones and alarms to make sure none of the lines in suspended state supports these types of services.
  • At the end of the period during which the lines are suspended:
    • You will know which tough to find phone lines are actually in use and you will have learned their locations. You can add these lines to your list of lines with locations that need to be updated.
    • You will also have a list of phone lines on your monthly statement that no one is using. You may decide to request that these lines be disconnected.

For Step Three in the full process to Review Your Monthly Voice Statement, go to the Correct Incorrect Line Locations page.



Page updated on September 21, 2009


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