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Review Phone Location Information

Step One: Reviewing Phone Location Information is step one in a process to review your voice services monthly statements. Go to the Overview page for a summary of the full process.

Start by determining where each voice service you use is located within your organization. Phone locations are listed in your monthly Telecommunications statements available through Ben Reports. To track updated location information as you gather it, pull this section of your bill into an Excel spreadsheet and reformat it to meet the needs of this project. Here's how.

Using the downloaded and reformatted spreadsheet of services charged to your budget code, confirm the location of each phone line listed on the statement. For many of these lines, you can simply go to the location to locate the phone/fax/emergency phone. You may want to give harder to locate lines a call or even send out a list of lines to your staff in an email and ask that they identify any lines they recognize. To decipher the building codes, use N&T's handy Building List.

Location Research

  • If the location info is correct for a line:
    • Action = "NO CHANGE"
    • Info to Change = blank
  • If the location info is incorrect and you have a new location for the line:
    • Action = "UPDATE LOCATION"
    • Info to Change = new location building and room
  • If you can not find the line in question:
    • Action = "NO LOCATION "
    • Info to Change = blank

Other Items

  • You may also find lines that should be billed to another budget code or to another organization. If this is the case, track the correct budget code or organization using the line in the Info to Change field.
  • Or you may find lines that support equipment not matching the equipment listed on your statement. Track the correct equipment information in the Info to Change field as well.
  • Finally, you may find records on your statement with Items listing your cnac/org combination. If you need clarification as to what any of these are, paste these records into an email and send them to ISC Billing and request that these items be better labeled or defined.

When You Finish

When you have finished reviewing location information, you will have 3 types of lines in your list:

  • Lines that you Cannot Locate
  • Lines with Location Information that Needs to be Corrected
  • Lines with Correct Location Information

You may also have lines with budget codes or equipment information to update.

For Step Two in the full process to Review Your Monthly Voice Statement, go to the Locate Tough to Find Phone Lines page.



Page updated on September 21, 2009


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