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<h3>PennNet Authentication is Required</h3></center><p>
<FORM METHOD=post ACTION=/cgi-bin/websec/websec_auth> 

Requested URL:<br>
<a href="">PennNet
Authentication</a> before access is granted.  

If you have already
authenticated yourself, then your session may have timed out.  Each
authenticated session is valid for 60 minutes.

If you do
not have <a href="">cookies</a> enabled on your browser, you will need to
re-authenticate yourself everytime you request a PennNet protected
page on this server.</a> 

If you have problems trying to authenticate yourself, please see our page on
<a href="">common problems
 with authentication</a>.

<ul><li> Please enter your <a
href="">PennKey and 
password</a> in the appropriate boxes<li> Click on the "<b>Submit</b>"
button</ul> <p>  

<center><table border align=center><tr>
<td align=center>PennKey: </td><td><input name=pennnet_id></td></tr>

<p><tr><td align=center>PennKey password: </td><td><input
type=password name=pennnet_password></td></tr> 
</table><input type=hidden name=ctime value=$ISC_WEBSEC_CTIME>
<input type=hidden name=websec_page value=$WEBSEC_REQUESTED_PAGE>
<input type=hidden name=websec_app value=www_htpas_access><p>
<input type=submit value="Submit"><input type=reset value="Clear Form">

<h4>NOTE: You MUST exit from your browser when you are done, or
others may obtain access to your session.</h4> <p>

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