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The following instructions apply to using Websec to authenticate for web applications. Websec was retired in December 2009 and replaced by a new authentication system, Penn Weblogin.

Customizing your application's authentication/login pages - Additional arguments

If you have opted to have a customized login page for your Websec app, you can also opt to pass additional arguments on to your application through Websec.

To add additional arguments,
  1. add a hidden input tag to your login page
    <input type=hidden name=query_string value=$WEBSEC_QUERY_STRING>
  2. make a link to your application that includes the arguments that you want to pass on through Websec.
    <a href="">
When the user authenticates using your customized login page, Websec will map the keyword $WEBSEC_QUERY_STRING to the argument string that you have appended to the call to your application. In the above example, the input tag query_string will have the value InstitutionCode=9999&department=English. Your application would then have to parse out the query_string input values.

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