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The following instructions apply to using Websec to authenticate for web applications. Websec was retired in December 2009 and replaced by a new authentication system, Penn Weblogin.

Authentication/Login Page Example

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>University of Pennsylvania Whatever Service</TITLE>
</HEAD><BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<h2>Whatever Application Authentication Form</h2></center><hr>
<FORM METHOD=post ACTION=https://<web-security host>> 

<ul><li> Enter your PennKey and password in the appropriate
boxes<li> Click on the "<b>Submit</b>" button</ul> <p>
<center><table border align=center><tr>
<td align=center>Please enter your PennKey here: 
</td><td><input name=pennnet_id></td></tr>

<p><tr><td align=center>Please enter your PennKey password here:
</td><td><input type=password name=pennnet_password></td></tr>
</table><input type=hidden name=ctime value=$ISC_WEBSEC_CTIME>
<input type=hidden name=websec_app value=whatever_app><p>
<input type=hidden name=rand_string value=$ISC_RAND_STRING><p>
<input type=submit value="Submit"><input type=reset value="Clear Form">

</center></form><P><blockquote><h4>NOTE: You must log out after
you are done with all sessions to prevent others from accessing
pertinent data.</h4></blockquote><blockquote><HR>

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HREF=""> Computing </A> ]

<font size=-1>Contact:<a href=""></a><br>Certifying Authority: Vice President, Information Systems and Computing<br></font>

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