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The following instructions apply to using Websec to authenticate for web applications. Websec was retired in December 2009 and replaced by a new authentication system, Penn Weblogin.

Failed Authentication/Login Page Example

<TITLE>Web Security Application Registration Form</TITLE>
<BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<center><h2> Web Security Application Registration Form</h2></center>
Sorry, but you did not successfully authenticate yourself.  Either
<li> the PennKey/password combination entered is incorrect, or
<li> the form timed out before you finished entering your PennKey
and password.
<li>You entered a user name and password combination other than PennKey
(e.g, a PennNet ID and password or an email username and password). As
of October 14, 2002, a PennKey and password are required to log in to
this service. Consult the <a href="">
PennKey web site<a> for information on how to
register a PennKey.

Please <a href="https://<web-security host>$ISC_WEBSEC_CTIME">return to the login screen</a> to try again.<p>
[ <A HREF="">University of Pennsylvania</A> | <A
HREF=""> Computing </A> ]

<font size=-1>Contact:<a href=""></a><br>Certifying Authority: Vice President, Information Systems and Computing<br></font>


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