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The following instructions apply to using Websec to authenticate for web applications. Websec was retired in December 2009 and replaced by a new authentication system, Penn Weblogin.

  1. User sends PennKey/password to Websec server
  2. Websec server sends PennKey/password to Radius server for authentication
  3. Radius server authenticates PennKey/password against KDC
  4. Radius server requests PennID for PennKey from PennCommunity
  5. Radius server returns PennID to websec server
  6. Websec server sends Websec Token to Webserver
  7. Websec Client sends Websec Token to Websec server
  8. Websec server returns PennName,PennID,IP Address, and Timestamp
  9. Webserver returns "Successful Login"

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