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Origin Web Server to be retired

ISC is migrating web services off the Origin server ( to a more secure platform with the goal of retiring Origin by the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2017). If you have content currently hosted on the Origin server, please contact ISC Client Care ( as soon as possible to start working with our Web services team to transition your site to a new solution. Depending on the nature of your site, migration options will vary.

ISC Web Hosting Service

ISC offers a hosting service for web sites and web applications on, which provides schools, centers, departments and student groups with a presence on the University of Pennsylvania’s institutional website. All schools, centers and student organizations with assigned budget codes are eligible to use this service.

ISC offers:

  • Basic Web Hosting: This service includes space on, with 2 hours of directory service administration and a minimum of 500MB of disk space, with additional space available in increments of 250MB. This service also includes daily backups of user and system data for the purpose of restoration of service in the event of a system failure. ISC also provides customers with weekly error and usage reports and offers various services and utilities.
  • Advanced Hosting:  For custom applications and content management systems, organizations can enable CGI programs, PHP scripting, or MySQL database access. Additional fees will apply.
  • Development Site Hosting: When needed, ISC can provide a development server with the same environment as production.

Web Hosting Service Details and Technical Support

  • Daily User and System Data Backups: Daily backups for the purpose of restoring servers for disaster recovery following a major event. Data is maintained for 14 days.
  • Akamai Caching Service: Permits pages that have been cached by Akami to be served in the event of failure of servers. Available for only, not virtual hosts.
  • SSL Encryption: Customers can request encrypted versions of websites and web applications on ISC’s secure SSL server at no extra charge. 
  • Critical Components Registry:  Customers must register any web sites that house confidential or highly sensitive University data with ISC as Critical Components. This will result in regular platform vulnerability scanning by ISC Information Security.
  • High Availability Model: Servers are housed in physically secure data centers with double redundancy for system and user data.

Technical Specifications

Web Hosting Server Information

Terms of Service

ISC Terms of Service for Web Hosting

Provider Reports

ISC provides daily activity logs and weekly summary reports for hosted web sites and applications that customers should regularly access. 

  • For virtual hosts, daily activity logs become available at 12:01 the following day.
  • For sites using Akamai, there is a 3 day delay for activity logs due to Akamai’s data delivery schedule.
  • Web server logs contain information about specific IP addresses which could be linked to individuals. Please respect their privacy and manage this data carefully.
  • Web developers may check logs and reports via a web browser, or may contact ISC to arrange for daily logs to be directly written to a secure directory.
  • It is customers' responsibility to monitor these reports for any problems or suspicious activity.

ISC also offers opt-in link error reports that search for problematic links on your web site.

More information about logs and reports

Protecting Highly Sensitive/Confidential University Data and Limiting Access

Customers are responsible for securing highly sensitive/confidential University data.

More information about security best practices, University computing policies, and limiting user access

Resources, How-Tos and Utilities

ISC is committed to supporting its customers by directing them to resources for creating and maintaining secure web sites that operate in compliance with ISC guidelines and University policies. ISC also offers select services and utilities. Developers can incorporate utilities for their own sites and applications and would then be responsible for maintaining these utilities.

List of resources, how-tos and utilities


Rates for web hosting are based on a monthly charge.

Current web hosting rates


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