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To help providers maintain their web sites, these utilities are provided for the following servers:
Drop-down navigational menu   Used to create a drop-down menu from which the user can navigate to other websites listed in the menu options.
Error reports   When a user tries to access a page that doesn't exist, the user will have the option of sending a message to the provider to report the error.
Feedback-forms   Generically processes the output of forms and display a response to the user when the form has been sucessfully filled in.
Image maps   Allows the developer to include a graphical image in an HTML document and map that image with links that lead to other HTML documents.
Link checking and statistics   On a weekly basis, we produce reports for providers of broken links on their sites and usage statistics.
Page counter   Used to produce a graphical image of the number of visits to a particular page.
Penn Calendar imports   Allows Penn Calendar data to be included in webpages using a server side include.
Provider access   Interface for the primary provider to control who else has else has access to the site for updating pages.
Rotating images using XSSI   Extended Server-Side-Include code to allow for rotating images on a web page.
Securing your pages   How to restrict browser access to your web pages.
Server-side includes   How to include some dynamic information within your web page like the last time the page was modified.
Simple search   Used to set up a search utility for pages that you specify.
Simple database search   Used to set up a search utility for an ASCII extract from a database utility.

Additional Resources

Additional resources are available to providers for a fee. Among those resources are PHP and MySQL. Implementation details are available. Developers can also opt for space on a development server,

Full list of the for-fee resources that are available to web developers on

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