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Generically Processing Feedback Forms

Abbreviated Instructions for Creating HTML Forms

First, start the form with the <form> tag. In this tag, you need to specify an action. By doing so, you are telling the server which program to execute after the user submits the information entered into the form. In this case, once the user enters values into the form and submits the information, the program executed is 'feedback-forms', which is always located in a cgi-bin subdirectory. Feedback-forms will then process the data and display the HTML file specified in the form action path after the feedback-forms path. Feedback-forms supports both the GET and POST methods; we recommend the POST method. See the documentation on creating a feedback-form with CONF files or without CONF files for more information.


There are several types of input fields in an HTML form:

  • Fill-in Forms

    Fill-in fields look like:
    Descriptive Text : <Input type="text" size="Number" name="Name" value="Default value">

    For example:
    Name: <Input type="text" size="40" name="FullName" value="Joe Smith">

  • Check Boxes

    <Input type="checkbox" name="Name" value="Value"> Descriptive text

    So, for example: <Input type="checkbox" NAME="topping" VALUE="pepperoni">Pepperoni.
    <Input type="checkbox" NAME="topping" VALUE="sausage">Sausage.
    <Input type="checkbox" NAME="topping" VALUE="anchovies">Anchovies.

  • Radio Boxes

    <Input type="radio" name="Name" value="Value" > Descriptive text
    So, for example:
    <Input type="radio" NAME="paymethod" VALUE="cash" CHECKED> Cash.
    <Input type="radio" NAME="paymethod" VALUE="check"> Check.

    (Note that "CHECKED" appears next to "Cash", so it will be the default value for the radio box)

  • The "Send button"

    <Input type="submit" value="Descriptive text">

    For example:
    <Input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Send Feedback">

  • The "Clear form" button

    <Input type="reset" value="Descriptive text">

    For example:
    To clear the form, one would press this button:
    <Input TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear Form">

Once again, you are urged to check the complete NCSA documentation for more information.

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