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Granting Provider Access on

Each site on should have a primary provider assigned. This primary provider is given access to a form that will allow that person to control who else has access to the site for updating pages. If a primary provider has not been assigned of if the primary provider changes, please contact

This form is also used to request a new top-level directory or a virtual host on If you are not already a primary provider, you will only see the option to request a new top-level directory or virtual host.

How to access the request form

The Provider Access Request form is presented via a secure web interface. To use this form, you must have a PennKey and password. Enter your PennKey and password in the area provided, and select the "Submit" button.

Since users in our access database are filed by their PennKeys, you must know the new user's PennKey to give access to that person.

Submitting a request

After successful authentication, you should see a menu of possible actions. if you are recognized as a primary provider, you will see the following options
  • Add a new user
  • Delete or Update a user's permissions
  • Create a new top-level directory

There is help documentation available from the form that should provide any help that you will need to submit any of the requests. Requests for provider access are queued and processed once a day at 7:30am. You will receive email notification when your request for provider access has been processed.

Since we try to organize top-level directories on so that they roughly reflect the University's administrative structure, all requests for new top-level directories will be reviewed by members of the Penn Web team and not every request may be approved. We will try to respond as quickly as possible to all requests.


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