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Resources, How-Tos and Utilities

ISC is committed to supporting its customers by directing them to resources for creating and maintaining secure web sites that operate in compliance with ISC guidelines and University policies. ISC also offers select services and utilities. Developers can incorporate utilities for their own sites and applications and would then be responsible for maintaining those utilities.

Security and Access
Security Best Practices for Applications with Confidential University Data Security guidelines for owners of applications that house sensitive/confidential University data
Critical Components Registry Information about registering servers with ISC as Critical Components
Securing Access to Web Pages Using Passwords, IP Addresses or PennKey How to secure/limit access to web pages on
Securing Web Applications and Sites FAQ Information for developers on securing web sites and applications
University Computing Security Policy Policy describing requirements for securing computing devices and protecting confidential University data
Other University Computing and Privacy Policies University policies regarding computing and information security at Penn
Secure Web Development: OWASP PHP Security Project Collection of libraries and tools for securing PHP web applications. Also includes a sample framework
CoSign: Using CoSign for Web Applications Instructions for using CoSign to implement secure single sign-ons for users
Caching and Reporting
Akamai Caching Details about Akamai caching service on
Provider Reports How to access and interpret provider activity reports and logs
Error Messages Description of error messages that a user may receive and subsequent action that could be taken if the user encounters a bad link
Design, Development, and Administration
Style Guide for Official University Web Sites Style guide for official University pages(web pages on a University web server that have been created by the University, its schools, departments, or other administrative offices). Does not apply to web pages created by individuals, such as students or faculty members
Request space on Contact the ProDesk to request space
Request Access for Primary Provider Responsible for Updating Web Site/Application Allows primary provider to control who is able to update pages and to request new top-level directories on
Uploading and Downloading Files for How to securely transfer files to and from server
Using FTP for Uploading Pages Detailed article about using FTP to securely transfer files to
Redirecting Pages Instructions for redirecting users of an existing web site to a new URL

Drop-down navigational menu

Used to create a drop-down menu from which the user can navigate to other websites listed in the menu options

Feedback forms

Generically processes the output of forms and displays a response to the user when the form has been sucessfully filled in. Client creates actual feedback forms

Penn Calendar Data Import

Allows Penn Calendar data to be included in webpages using a server side include

Provider access

Interface for the primary provider to control who else has else has access to the site for updating pages

Rotating images using XSSI

Extended Server-Side-Include code to allow for rotating images on a web page

Server-side Include

Allows inclusion of some dynamic information within web page, such as date and time of most recent modifications

Simple search

Used to set up a search utility for pages that you specify

Simple database search

Used to set up a search utility for an ASCII extract from a database utility


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