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PENN WEB - Draft structure
   Post survey, analysis of Univ. home page top-level choices, and structural
   analysis of 15 sites (academic and commercial), draft top-level structure
   follows (per Jane Bryan, Joe Harris, RC). Second-level drafts next week.
   Note page layout is not meaningful, groupings are. Items on the left (Penn 
   A-Z to Web Guide) are tools and may carry through to other pages. Custom view 
   link is a placeholder for later development. After discussion and tweaking of 
   top 2 levels at Advis. Comm. and full Web Team meetings, prototyping begins 
   (with ongoing user testing/adjustment).

---------begin HP draft--------
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Penn A-Z (inc. named pubs.)       Applying to Penn       
Directories (inc. US univs.)      Academic Units (popup: Prov, 12+1)
Calendars                         Administrative Units (popup: Prex, 
Campus Map                        Research              VP offs.)
Penn _InTouch_                    Library
Web Guide (inc. FAQ)              Computing

[Especially for:]                 News
Students                          About Penn    
Faculty                           Penn and the City    
Staff                             Penn and the World
Alumni                            Penn Jobs / Career Planning

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Last modified:  22 August 1997